From +quot;UNION+quot; , Sacramento, Ca - July 7, 1993 UFOs, sex steam up bizarre psycholo

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From "UNION" , Sacramento, Ca - July 7, 1993 ================================================================== UFOs, sex steam up bizarre psychologist malpractice suit by Joanne Boyd ------------------- Union Staff writer Unidentified flying objects (UFOs), extraterrestrial experiences and sexual misconduct figure prominently in several lawsuits filed against a prominent Sacramento psychologist. Two women have filed malpractice complaints in Superior Court against Dr. Richard J. Boylan, alleging he interpreted their problems based on his own interest in alien encounters. In both cases, the women say Boylan told them that as children, they had experienced extraterrestrial encounters. Boylan is president of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association and a licensed clinical psychologist who maintains an office on O Street. According to the lawsuit, the psychologist allegedly invited both of the women, Dorothy and Diana, to attend sessions of an evening therapy group called CE-4 or Close Encounters of the 4th Kind, which met at his house. Because of the sexual nature of the complaints, the plaintiffs attorney requested their last names be withheld from publication. During these meetings, the lawsuit states Boylan told his clients about noteworthy UFO events and how the United States government was involved in an elaborate coverup of the extraterrestrial presence. Boylan also is accused of sexual misconduct with Diana, involving nude massages. The sexual intimacies stopped short of intercourse, according to attorney Joseph George, who represents both women. Because Diana viewed Boylan as a father-like figure, she was not able to consent to his touching any more than a child could, George said. "What he has done to these women is not treat the presenting prob- lem," said George. "He also caused further damage with the ET phenom- ena. He interpreted everything in their life in that context." Now both Diana and Dorothy are extremely paranoid as the result of their therapy with Boylan, the lawsuit states. Each woman became convinced the CIA or FBI had an interest in them and was keeping them under close surveillance. Boylan's attorney, Rick Linkert said his client is engaged in scientific research and wouldn't try to convince his clients that they have had an ET experience because then his data would be based on inaccurate information. He also said the bulk of Boylan's clientele came to him for reasons that have nothing to do with ET issues. "But because Dr. Boylan will treat people with ET experiences and not automatically view them as delusional or fantasy, this makes him an absolute target for lawsuits," said Linkert. He added there is a tremendous spectrum of beliefs among researchers. Many noted psychologists are investigating unusual phenomena such as near-death experiences. Although Boylan would not discuss the specifics of the lawsuits, he denied the allegations, referring to them as "false, slanderous and libelous." On the other hand, the psychologist is outspoken in his belief in extraterrestrial influences. As the author of a book published last year, "Extraterrestrial Contact and Human Responses," Boylan said he is one of a growing number of psychologists who treat clients who have had such experiences. "Some clients come with absolutely clear recall of the ET experience, while others have just enough recall to know something has happened to them," said Boylan. "They come to me because they have had such an experience and want to share it with someone." However, according to George, Boylan shared more than the ET experi- ence with his clients. The complaint states he invited one of the women to a UFO conference in Las Vegas where he encouraged her to address the convention and write her story for publication in his upcoming UFO book. He also is said to have sat nude with her in a hot tub and provided "body work" through massage and sexual touching. Additionally, a third Sacramento woman, Karen, has filed a lawsuit against Boylan which doesn't involve any UFO experiences but alleges sexual misconduct. According to George, sexual misconduct among psychologists is grossly under-reported. Unlike other professions, by their very nature, psychological therapy sessions are difficult to monitor, said George. Because clients are emotionally dependent on the therapist, there's an imbalance in the relationship and once the boundry is broken, the damage is done. "Clients are very vulnerable and are often too embarrassed to reveal these events," he said. "They blame themselves, not the therapist." George said because 8 percent to 10 percent of licensed male psychologists have had sex with their clients, safe-guards have been enacted to address this problem. A bill recently passed under Civil Code Section 49.93 prohibiting sexually contact between a client and therapist for two years after the termination of therapy. George added his clients sought counsel from Boylan, not because of extraterrestrial experiences, but because of traumatic "this world" injuries that included a violent rape. "They had some very horrible, unfortunate events on this earth. The ET was strictly his agenda," said George. "It would be analogous to a patient presenting with a serious cardiac condition and the physician treating him for a sprained wrist." Also, the women who have filed suit against Boylan are low-income clients who were told he would treat them at a reduced rate or for free. Despite the allegations against him, Boylan said he intends to go forward with both his practice and his research on ET phenomena. "It's a highly exotic realm, but the pieces fit together," the psychologist said, adding he is convinced a government coverup exists. "ETs come and go and will - and the government is not comfortable admitting they can't do a damn thing about it," said Boylan. "There is some contact and sharing of technology between the government and ETs, and the government has recovered downed saucers," he added. "The government should come clean with why there's a need to make this so highly classified." Boylan's second book on close extra-terrestrial encounters is due out this fall. The California Psychological Association, a professional group to which Boylan belongs, has no record of the complaints alleged in the lawsuits or any other complaints being filed against Boylan, a spokesman said. ** End **


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