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Date: Fri Dec 24 1993 00:43:00 From: Pony Godic To: All Subj: "UFOs - Fact, Fraud & Fantasy" Conference Attr: ABDUCT ------------------------------- (FORTEAN TIMES: 1 year (6 issues) 15 pounds or US$30. 2 years (12 issues) 26 pounds or US$50. For payment or inquiries by phone, ring (+44) 373 451777. Major credit cards accepted - or make sterling cheques/money orders drawn upon a London bank payable to: John Brown Publishing, and send to Fortean Times, 20 Paul St, Frome, Somerset BA11 1DX, UK. US subscribers can deal direct with FT American subscription agent, Fenner Reed & Jackson, PO Box 754, Manhasset, NY 1130 Tel: 516 627 3836, Fax: 516 627 1972) The following is for the interest of readers and no infringement of copyright intended. Anyone interested in this excellent British magazine, which covers the Paranoramal in all its forms, is directed to the above overseas subscription information. In FORTEAN TIMES No.72 December/January 1994, on page 44 there is an article titled "Missing Time" by Peter Brookesmith, former editor of The Unexplained, reporting on the Independent UFO Network's conference "UFOs - Fact, Fraud or Fantasy?" in Sheffield, U.K., on August 14-15. Budd Hopkins was present and gave an address on the Linda Napolitano case. "But a genuine ufology would look at a every possible angle of a case as outlandish as Linda Napolitano's before ascribing it to `aliens.' Not Budd Hopkins: he launched into his account without even a ritual nod towards the possibility that something else is at work here. Nor did he make any attempt to address the radical criticisms and doubts about his technique and competence that others have made concerning this case and others he has pursued (for a brief review, see FT67:53). And when one learns, from his own mouth, that he is - without qualification or training hypnotically regressing children `down to the age of two and a half' to ask them about their `alien abduction' experiences, some instinct screams in protest. "The unshakability of Hopkin's belief in his scenario and his `witnesses' became apparent in his second session, when he described a 1979 case in which, on a well-populated beach in Brisbane, Australia, a mother and her two children were abducted - beamed up into a UFO, it seems - leaving the father of the family paralysed, holding a camera, for an hour or more while they were away. "Amazingly, no one else on the beach noticed any of this. Budd Hopkins can tell you why: because all four became invisible during this period. To their conscious memory the husband and wife took four photographs of each other with their children. When developed, the pictures had a curious red cast, and showed the beach, but no figures. Hopkins thinks this case proves that `aliens' can cloak their victims in invisibility and can themselves become selectively invisible (as they'd have to, to be able to abduct Linda Napolitano from right opposite the New York Post's busy night loading bay - a fact about that location that Hopkins mysteriously failed to mention at Sheffield). "`They were in a realm where they could see each other and the beach and everyone on it, but no one could see them,' Hopkins suggested. `...An invisible man holding an invisible camera with invisible film takes a visible picture that shows what everyone else could see (i.e. an empty beach). ...This principle of cloaking can be switched on and off.'" Linda Moulton Howe gave two addresses. "...Linda Moulton Howe's notion that aliens are up to something nasty with cattle (and even cats) in America's wide-open spaces. From the evidence she presented, something odd does seem to be afoot here. Even the famous black helicopters that used to swarm around these cases have become invisible now! But why aliens and not the angry ghosts of American Indians, the spirit of the Great American Dragon, or worried Atlanteans?" Cynthia Hind spoke on "`anomalous' alien abductions in Zimbabwe." "Cynthia Hind's suspicion is that ufonauts are not extra-terrestrial, but are from other dimensions or times." "Philip Mantle gave an immaculately concise account of UFO facts, frauds and fantasies from Yorkshire in the last decade." "Andrew Collins (the well-known psychic quester) described how he and his associates had borrowed ideas and techniques from the psychologist Wilhelm Reich, combined them with infra-red photography, and come up with some very curious results that appear, despite the eccentric methods employed, to confirm the notion that some UFOs at least are natural in origin, but may be sentient, intelligent, or at least responsive to human activity." "Even sceptics had their spokesmen. Hilary Evans presented a devastating thesis that everything in the history of UFO reports since 1947 had been anticipated by science fiction writers between the turn of the century and 1940." "Paul Devereux, meanwhile made a hugely cogent case, with admirable diplomacy, for regarding UFO phenomena - including the notorious abduction cases - as aspects of mental and physical natural events, little-understood though they may be. To learn that DMT, a substance secreted by the pineal gland and found in the psychoactive plants used in shamanic societies, can produce the subjective experience of entering another universe, was intriguing enough; to learn that those taking DMT see worlds replete with alien figures, whose features are common to all reports, was a revelation. Devereaux made provocative links with this information and new data emerging from lucid dream research, and suggested that the abduction scenario (which he did not dismiss as a false experience) is a dramatisation of inner, individual psychological and spiritual alienation." "A similar tendency to find what you are looking for was evident in Jenny Randles's discovery of a window area, where `something is distorting space and time' just south of the Mersey estuary between Runcorn and Warrington. It struck me (i.e. Brookesmith) as not insignificant that this area is right on Ms Randles's home doorstep: that is, I suspect that in the last 50 years any small area of the British Isles will have seen a few scruffy old polts, a close encounter or two, some ghosts, a disembodied voice and a few earthlights, maybe even the occasional crop circle or mysteriously deceased cow, come and go. "Ms Randles also seems to have taken at face value the idea that some UFOs can't land in the wet - difficulty with `electrical charges', you know. Funny how the aliens can hop the dimensions and make themselves invisible, but it hasn't dawned on them to abduct a few yards of terrestrial rubber." "Only two speakers really addressed the theme of the conference - `fact, fraud or fantasy' - and they were the true sceptics, Evans and Devereaux. The sight of a small but perfectly formed `gray' appearing on the screen during Evans's address was made delightful by the news that this was an illustration from a French magazine published at the turn of the century. Or did Evans get this wrong? Surely this is part of the insidious programme of `education' (i.e. softening up) we've been subjected to over the years, that's to ready us for the Great Extra-Terrestrial Revelation? Is it hell. "The implication of Hilary Evans's address was supported by Paul Devereux: there is something in the human mind that creates consistent forms for alien figures." "NOTE: Anyone interested in what was said verbatim can write to Stu Smith at 15 Rydal Street, Burnley, Lancs BB10 1HS, UK, for audio or video tapes of the proceedings."


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