Date: 18 Jul 94 13:20:18 GMT It's time to present the award for the Top Ten UFO Hoaxes of

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From: dk195@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Nelson S. Pacheco) Date: 18 Jul 94 13:20:18 GMT Organization: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (USA) Message-ID: <30dvii$ik3@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> Newsgroups: alt.paranet.skeptic It's time to present the award for the Top Ten UFO Hoaxes of All Time. This is a difficult award to give, because the competition is so fierce. Anyway, here are the winners: 10. George Adamski Holy Blavatski! That UFO looks like an inverted street light! 9. Snippy the Horse Not a great case, but recognized as the father of the cattle mutilation/UFO connection. Accepting the award posthumously on behalf of Snippy and the Ananias Club will be Linda Howe... 8. Travis Walton How about the best 2 out of 3 lie detector results? 7. Dulce, NM Spanish for "sweet, like a sucker" as in "there's a sucker born every minute..." 6. Hudson Valley The "Blue Angels" of the ultralight world... 5. Guardian Holy smoke!!! 4. Roswell Say it ain't so, Marcel! 3. Gulf Breeze Also winner of the "Ed Walters Special Effects Award" 2. MJ-16 (MJ12 + Shandera, Moore, Lazar, and Lear) and the winner of the "check your brains at the door" award for the top UFO hoax of all time is: 1. The Linda Napolitano case, also known as "Manhattan Transfer," or "The hoax of the century." Condolences to all the losers... but there's always the yearly awards...


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