Date: Sat Sep 17 1994 00:00:22 Subj: Real I _ UFO UFO - Teen explains UFO // 1991 magazine

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Date: Sat Sep 17 1994 00:00:22 From: Sheppard Gordon Subj: Real I _ UFO UFO ------------------------------- Teen explains UFO // 1991 magazine article recalled 08/01/94 THE HARRISBURG PATRIOT The unidentified flying object so many people saw over the skies of Dauphin County last week may have been identified, thanks to a smart 16-year-old with a good memory. It could be a classified aircraft military analysts call "the big wing." Several people saw a low-flying, slow-moving, triangular vehicle with colored lights hovering last week. UFO specialists, military officials, area airport officials and witnesses couldn't offer an explanation. But Joe Burda, a 16-year-old from New Cumberland, had an explanation. He read about the UFO sightings in Thursday's editions of The Patriot-News and recalled an article he had read called "America's New Secret Aircraft" in the December 1991 issue of Popular Mechanics. "I remembered reading about it, and when I read the paper I said, `Wait a minute,' " Burda said. Burda then looked through his back issues and found the article describing some of the experimental planes experts have sighted and linked to classified military projects that cost the government billions. The article described numerous sightings of "flying-wing triangles." The article reported numerous observers had seen "a black, silent, boomerang-shaped vehicle that stretches between 600 and 800 feet across and performs circus-pony maneuvers at air speeds as low as 20 knots." Dauphin County eyewitnesses offered a similar description, saying they saw a UFO that could have been a "strange looking plane" moving at speeds of about 15 mph late Tuesday night. Popular Mechanics said in 1991 that over the previous two years, the vehicle it called "big wing" had "passed silently over city streets, empty desert and rural freeways. The craft moved so slowly one observer said he could jog along with it." Popular Mechanics also said "a pattern of seemingly random white lights on the vehicle's black underside provided `constellation camouflage' against the starry sky." The magazine said such a craft could elude radar by "slowing to a crawl" and said such a plane could be used for either troop delivery or covert surveillance. The Air Force has publicly said it has no aircraft matching the descriptions offered. But the magazine said the military has denied the existence of other aircraft while they were being developed, such as today's Stealth fighters, and said these sightings may "offer a preview of 21st-century air power." Burda's mother, Cindy Anderson, said their home is filled with "Star Trek" fans. She initially teased him that the vehicle was "filled with Cardasians," a group of alien bad guys in the current "Star Trek" shows. "He's into anything like that," Anderson said. "He reads his Popular Mechanics from cover to cover. He retains this stuff."


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