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To: Everyone Message #: 712 From: Dale Anderson Submitted: 26 Oct 91 03:26:00 Subject: Strieber's Farewell 1 of Status: Public Received: No Group: UFO (15) RE: Strieber's Farewell 1 of 3 MSGID: 1:19/19.22 290aa573 This are _a few_ of the statements from Whitley Strieber's farewell remarks that appeared in the Spring 1991 issue of 'The Communion Letter'. This was the last published issue. The letter was very long and touched on many subjects and the following letter is incomplete. "Communion Letter" limited back issues available. $5.00 (U.S. funds) per quarterly issue. Address: The Communion Letter 532 LaGuardia Place New York, NY 10012 _DISCLAIMER_: MR. STRIEBER'S STATEMENTS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS OR BELIEFS OF MYSELF. These statements are to dispel some unfounded rumors and for your information. -+------------------------------------------------------------------------- *BEGIN HIGHLIGHTS* PART 1 OF 3 =========================================================================== FAREWELL This is the last issue of The Communion Letter. We have run it for two years, and have had a wonderful time doing so. But we never intended to continue indefinitely. Like the related books and the communion groups, it had a definite and finite purpose. For the present, that purpose has been fulfilled. [...] Now I would like to address the question of why I have terminated the letter. The reason is that I do not feel that it is productive to deal with the visitor question any further publicly until there is something more definite known [...] The presence of UFOs, at least, has already been proven. The problem is not one of whether or not they exist, but rather, what they are. I view the continued refusal of the scientific community to address the issue as slightly daft, but I understand it very well. I have gained the friendship of numerous scientists and some government officials who are certain that our observations and experiences represent a genuine unknown. To a man, however, they are afraid to address it openly because of their fear of public destruction in the press. They are horrified at the idea of being identified with the UFO community, whom they regard as a kooky backwater plagued by the fuzzy thinking of losers with poor academic credentials, who are motivated by superstition and insane jealousies. The press and the UFO community stand together against further progress in the field. Until organizations like MUFON and CUFOS disintegrate or become discredited, and the press is allowed to discover that there are people with strong and respected credentials working on the subject, further progress is unlikely. Before I sign off, I would like to address a few questions that have been bothering me. The first is that of the Communion groups. Because of these groups, I was falsely accused of being a cult leader. In fact, the groups were operating as an alternative to a very nasty little cult run by people so startlingly ignorant of what they are doing that they do not even understand that they are brainwashing their victims. =========================================================================== --- * Origin: \_Speculation sometimes leads to Confirmation_/ (Quick 1:19/19.22) =-=-=-=-=


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