Date: Tue Feb 23 1993 22:45:30 To: Jim Doyle Subj: Bye Bye Whitley... UFO - Jim... This wa

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Date: Tue Feb 23 1993 22:45:30 From: Sheldon Wernikoff To: Jim Doyle Subj: Bye Bye Whitley... UFO ------------------------------- Jim... This was Whitley's farewell letter received 28-June-1991 Thought it might interest you... --Sheldon ------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to thank you for your patronage of the Communion Letter. Your subscription ends with this issue, and we are not taking new subscriptions or renewals. A list of available back issues is printed on the reverse of this letter for those who may be interested in collecting. I had always intended to run the newsletter about two years, and that amount of time has now passed. During this period the Communion Letter has gained a large circulation and, I believe, published some remarkable articles. But all good things must come to an end. I am not a UFO researcher and do not wish to endure the continued media attack that is associated with being involved in this field. In addition, the so-called "UFO-ologists" are probably the cruellest, nastiest and craziest people I have ever encountered. Their interpretation of the visitor experience is rubbish from beginning to end. The "abduction reports" that they generate are not real. They are artifacts of hypnosis and cultural conditioning. What we are experiencing is a perceptual anomaly that is sufficiently ambiguous and intense that it demands explanation. It is something that human beings have been experiencing for a long time. It is the cause of religion, of mythology, of folklore. Presently it is the cause of the "alien abduction" belief. What is really (italicized) behind our experiences? We are. This is a human thing. However, I would also say that it indicates that we - and our world - are vastly different, and far more strange, than we have ever dreamed, or dared imagine. With that I leave you. (signed) Whitley Streiber


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