Date: Sat Sep 18 1993 11:12:00 To: All Subj: False Memory Syndrome Attr: ABDUCT - I had an

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Date: Sat Sep 18 1993 11:12:00 From: Jim Speiser To: All Subj: False Memory Syndrome Attr: ABDUCT ------------------------------- I had an interesting experience today. This morning I was taping an interview on our Channel 45, but the guest for the second segment (Mike Stackpole of the Phx Skeptics) hadn't shown up. They decided to do my segment, then tape the first segment of next week's show while waiting for Mike to show up. I asked what the next show was about, and the interviewer told me it was on False Memory Syndrome. A most fortuitous happenstance, says I, since this gave me an opportunity to make contact with an organization that can prehaps reflect some light on our own subject matter. Whereupon I proceeded to strike up a conversation with the head of the local chapter of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, one Elizabeth Van Kamp. This FMS is a most disturbing affliction. I listened in on the taping, and heard horror stories of families - good, healthy, functional families - being torn apart by "memories" dredged up by shoddy "therapists." One lady described how her daughter somehow recalled her chopping up a pizza delivery man and cooking him for dinner. If you could have seen the lady who was describing all this - meek, terribly soft-spoken, frail - you'd have to suppress the urge to laugh out loud. Anyway, I described my concerns to Ms. Van Kamp. I told her how the abduction field could benefit from the knowledge base that FMS Foundation has put together, and how we should compare notes to see if there are any similarities between the manner in which "ritual child abuse" memories and "abduction" memories are dredged up by therapists. In our brief contact at the station, we were able to do some comparing, and while FMS is always a danger when dealing with hypnosis, we tentatively agreed that there are some well-defined differences - mainly in the personality characteristics of the victims, their reasons for seeking therapy, the therapists' credentials and in the procedures used. Still, this is an area that cries out for formal study, and due diligence requires that we look at all the possibilities. She did share one disturbing tid-bit with me. Apparently the same "therapists" who create these ritual child abuse memories are starting to dabble in the abduction field, and are bringing forth abduction memories in their ritual child abuse clients. It makes one wonder to what degree our database is clogged with the victims of these charlatans. Hike up your pant legs, gang, its starting to get even deeper out there. Jim --- GrayQWKMail 2.0 * Origin: ParaNet Zeta-Reticuli 1:114/37.0 (FIDO) (9:1012/100)


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