Response to MJ-12 Article by Philip Klass in the +quot;Skeptical Inquirer+quot; According

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Response to MJ-12 Article by Philip Klass in the "Skeptical Inquirer" According to UFO Researcher William L. Moore, there were three documents relating to MJ-12 in the National Archives in Washington, DC. They were the Cutler-Twining Memo, the Eisenhower Briefing Document and the Truman Executive Document of September 24, 1947. Of the three the Truman Document of September 24, 1947 is considered to be the weakest of the three as admitted by Mr. Moore. He admits the possibility of this one being a hoax but not the other two. Other UFO researchers have attested to the existence of the MJ-12 Group that operates at the White House/National Security Council Level. It goes by the name of Majority Twelve. It has also been named as MAJI, Majesty, the 40 Committee and PI-40. MJ-12 is believed to have been created by President Eisenhower by secret order NSC 5410 in 1954 although a similar group may have already existed. It was made up of high ranking members of the government namely the director of the CIA, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of the FBI and the National Security Advisor then known as the Special Assistant for Cold War Strategy and six scholars from the Counsel on Foreign Relations also known as the "Wise Men" or the "Jason Scholars". Since the majority of the group were from the government, the committee was called Majority Twelve. The purpose of this committee was to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. The term Majestic or Majestic-12 are not correct but are part of a dis- information scheme to confuse investigators who delve too deeply into this subject and come close to the truth. Seeing that this article was written by the noted "UFO Debunker", Mr. Phil Klass, this article uses one document to discredit any work done on the investigation of the existence of MJ-12. Mr. Klass has been a one man crusade to debunk any UFO sighting, witness, abduction or investigation for the past twenty years. His position is that UFO's do not exist and he will have a rational explanation for any UFO event regardless of the evidence that supports the existence of the UFO Phenomenon. This is hardly an objective and scientific attitude to have in the study of any event, UFO's or not. "Reverend Senn" December 28, 1989


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