Date: Sat Sep 17 1994 00:00:24 Subj: Roswell and Believers UFO - 09/13/94 Montreal Gazette

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Date: Sat Sep 17 1994 00:00:24 From: Sheppard Gordon Subj: Roswell and Believers UFO ------------------------------- 09/13/94 Montreal Gazette After eight months of rigorous investigation, the U.S. air force has concluded that alien spacemen did not crash-land on a New Mexico ranch 47 years ago. What a relief: incompetent extraterrestrial pilots spying on the American cattle industry are the stuff of nightmares. But - call us naive - we find the idea a good deal less bizarre than the U.S. penchant for believing such unfounded fantasy, and its willingness to spend so much time and money trying to debunk it. There was no coverup, a 25-page report declares. The mysterious object that hit the ground near Roswell, N.M., was a top-secret U.S. weather balloon monitoring for signs of Soviet atomic-bomb tests. Sadly, however, the investigation did not ask the one question that might have given the government some return on its money: why do so many taxpayers refuse to believe such assurances? Partly, the explanation lies deep in the human psyche. As demonstrated by each new revelation about Elvis and John F. Kennedy, Americans adore a good conspiracy theory. But the first thing the air force should look at is its own penchant for secrecy. If it had admitted in 1947 that a high-tech instrument was involved - which would have surprised no one, least of all the Russians - the Roswell Incident would now be long forgotten.


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