From Skeptics UFO Newsletter (SUN), by Philip J. Klass: July, 1994, p. 7 _UFO Researchers,

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From Skeptics UFO Newsletter (SUN), by Philip J. Klass: July, 1994, p. 7 _UFO Researchers, USAF Discover What Really Crashed on Brazel Ranch_ Independent investigations by two UFO researchers and the U.S. Air Force have discovered what crashed 75 miles north of Roswell, leaving behind unusual debris found by rancher Mac Brazel on June 14, 1947. It was a balloon-borne radar corner reflector that was part of a then-Top Secret _Project Mogul_ designed to use giant, high-flying balloons to detect Soviet nuclear explosions. The first UFOlogist to discover the Project Mogul/Roswell debris connection was _Robert G. Todd_, Ardmore, Pa., a respected sharp-eyed researcher whose efforts focus on using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain once-classified documents. More recently, UFOlogist _Karl Pflock_ also discovered the Roswell/ Project Mogul connection. It will be reported in Pflock's 170-page report on his investigation of the Roswell Incident to be published soon by the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR). Pflock is married to _Mary Martinek_ -- a senior member of the staff of New Mexico Congressman _Steve Schiff_ who triggered the current General Accounting Office (GAO) investigation into the Roswell Incident. Pflock recently told a friend: _"I'm firmly convinced that something from Project Mogul was involved in the Roswell incident."_ The USAF, which has launched an extensive investigation in response to a GAO request, also recently discovered the Project Mogul/Roswell connection. As part of the USAF's research effort it has conducted an "electronic search" of several million pages of documents at the Air Force Historical Research Agency archives without finding a singl mention of the Roswell incident or of a UFO or ET bodies at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. _Ironically, the first book on the subject--"The Roswell Incident"-- carried a drawing showing one of the Project Mogul balloons on page 39. The book quoted one of the project scientists, Charles B. Moore, as dismissing any possibility that the Brazel ranch debris might have come from one of the balloons he had launched from Alamogordo Army Air Field, N.M._ _THE TAPE WITH COLORED FLOWERS_ But when Todd contacted Charles Moore--now a professor at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology--he discovered that Prof. Moore had _never seen Brazel's description of the debris, published in the July 9, 1948, issue of the Roswell Daily Record._ When Prof. Moore read Brazel's description that _"some tape with flowers printed on it_ had been used in the construction," this rang a bell. Moore recalled that in the balloon-borne radar reflector, the attachment of foil-covered parchment paper to balsa wood sticks was reinforced with tape on which colored flowers and other artistic symbols were printed. (_This explains the "hieroglyphics" later recalled by Major Marcel and his son._) Prof. Moore said he did not know why tape with colored flowers was used but he told Todd that some of the radar targets produced during World War II had been made in Manhattan lofts used to manufacture women's garments. During early June of 1947, while waitint to receive the first of the giant polyethylene balloons that would be used to loft the Project Mogul sensors, Moore and his New York University associates launched clusters of weather balloons with multiple radar corner reflectors to calibrate and check out ground tracking radars. _It was one of these balloon clusters which Moore believes was responsible for the debris found by Brazel._ Moore missed the Roswell crashed disk news stories on July 8 because he was flying back east on that date. A photo showing a cluster of balloons with radar reflectors being launched from Alamogordo was published in the July 10, 1947, edition of the _Alamogordo News_. The accompanying article reported that the balloons might be responsible for generating some UFO reports, but it did not suggest any possible connection with the Brazel debris. The article described how--after balloon launch--the triangular radar reflector "opens into a paper covered by tinfoil with six triangles...braced by strips of wood..." (The new Randle/Schmitt book briefly mentions the _Alamogordo News_ article and photograph [p. 126] but dismisses the balloon-borne radar reflectors as a possible explanation for the Brazel debris.)


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