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Date: Thu Mar 31 1994 00:32:00 From: Sheppard Gordon To: All Subj: Re: OMNI UFO articles UFO ------------------------------- OMNI's UFO issue swirls around from merely foolish to ridiculous 03/27/94 The Ottawa Citizen Radio phone-in shows attract a certain type. Anyone who has ever listened to one of these shows will know exactly what I'm talking about. These callers are often frustrated and angry and a few minutes on the air is a perfect vent for their frustrations. Many of these callers also happen to be firm believers in UFOs. If you've ever listened to the American radio show Larry King Live, you'll be familiar with the UFO callers. These people seem convinced that there has been a government conspiracy since the end of the Second World War to keep knowledge about UFOs away from the general populace. Other callers claim to have been abducted by aliens, but they're another case altogether. I once heard Larry King ask one of these conspiracy buffs why he thought the U.S. government would want to keep this a secret. To which the caller replied that aliens are "millions of years more advanced than we are and the knowledge of their existence would cause mass panic. King came back with a classic retort: "If they are so far advanced, why are they always breaking down in some farmer's field in Nebraska? Why don't they ever land on the White House Lawn? Or on Wall Street? Good question. Unfortunately, or perhaps predictably, none of these important questions is answered in the April issue of OMNI . OMNI professes to be a serious science magazine for the layman. You would never know it from the April issue. Under the heading 50 Years of Close Encounters -- The UFO Conspiracy, the magazine takes you on a trip from the merely foolish to the completely ridiculous -- though I'm sure that was not the intention of the editors. Take the lead story, Cosmic Conspiracy: Six Decades of Government UFO Cover-Ups. It starts with a description of an encounter of the psychotic kind that supposedly took place near Corona, New Mexico, in 1947. A sheep rancher saw a flash in the sky and then discovered debris scattered over his pastures. The U.S. military was called in and shortly after issued a press release that landed on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record and appeared in the "prestigious" London Times. This press release was an admission that a piece of UFO had indeed been found. But wouldn't you know it. A few hours after the announcement came out, the military held a press conference to say that this UFO was really pieces of a weather balloon. But not everyone is so gullible. As Stanton Friedman, author and nuclear physicist, tells OMNI : "Unfortunately, the media bought the Air-Force cover-up hook, line and sinker. And so began what Friedman has cleverly coined "Cosmic Watergate. From here on in, the link between reality and conspiracy is explained in the most roundabout terms. The U.S. government has refused to release tonnes of classified information, and therefore there must be something going on -- even though much of this data has absolutely nothing to do with UFOs. The writer gives the story extra spin by referring to all U.S. installations by means of adjectives such as "ultrasecret (not the deodorant), "super-top-secret and "supersecret. But things only get worse. The Great High-Rise Abduction, another in the Omni collection, goes something like this: At 3 a.m. one Manhattan morning three people, "a major political figure, who will remain unnamed, and two government agents spied a glowing oval object hovering over a building a couple of blocks away. At least we're finally getting closer to Wall Street. A woman floated out of an apartment building, where she was surrounded by some creatures and whisked into a waiting craft. The craft did a little zip-a-dee-doo-dah over the Brooklyn Bridge and then dove into the East River. Somehow this story links to the work of "world-class modern artist Budd Hopkins, who has written extensively on UFO abductions. Hopkins is very excited about this story "because he has found a case that might convince the army of skeptics who have hounded him for years. Now, tell us Budd just relax who exactly is hounding you? Could it be the international cover-up conspiracy? Wait a second, isn't that E.T. calling you home?


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