Date: 15 Jan 94 06:12:00 GMT From 'The Dayton Daily News', Saturday, Jan 15, 1994 Wright-P

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From: (Alan Eldridge) Date: 15 Jan 94 06:12:00 GMT Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors From 'The Dayton Daily News', Saturday, Jan 15, 1994 Wright-Pat says rumors of aliens are ungrounded Associated Press A Wright-Patterson Air Force Base spokesman said Friday that the base never has been a storage area for extraterrestrials or alien aircraft. Wright-Pat spokesman Bobbie Mixon responded to a congressman's request that the investigative arm of Congress look into the possibility of a goverment cover- up related to the 1947 crash of a flying object in New Mexico, U.S. Rep. Steve Schiff, R-N.M., made the request to the General Accounting Office. The crash occurred on July 2, 1947, near the ranching community of Corona, N.M. The Air Force said the wreckage came from a weather balloon with a radar-reflecting device. Other people said that the device was a flying saucer and that goverment teams whisked away the wreckage and perhaps the bodies of aliens. They said debris from the crash was taken first to Fort Worth, Texas, then to what is now Wright-Patterson. ### 30 ###


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