From the Skeptics UFO Newsletter (SUN), by Philip J. Klass: July 1994, p. 8: * _New bogus

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From the Skeptics UFO Newsletter (SUN), by Philip J. Klass: July 1994, p. 8: * _New bogus "Son of MJ-12" document surfaces_: GAO investigators recently received, from an anonymous source, photos of 22 pages from what purports to be a "Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual" for military personnel engaged in recovery of crashed saucers and ET bodies. The operations manual, marked: _"TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY,"_ is dated _April 1954.__But the counterfeit document uses a type-face that did not exist in the 1950s and only became available 30 years later when laser and ink-jet printers were developed._ * _Other errors which reveal the document is bogus:_ The manual says: "It may be necessary to issue false statements to preserve the security of the [crashed saucer] site. Meteors, _downed satellites_, weather balloons, and military aircraft are all acceptable alternatives [explanations]." (Emphasis added.) _But in April 1954 there were NO (man-made) satellites in orbit and the very first would not be launched until more than three years later--Oct. 4, 1957--by the USSR._ The bogus manual contains a chart purporting to show different military facilities to which recovered ET craft, live ETs, ET bodies, weapons, etc. should be sent. The chart indicates that most ET artifacts should be sent to "Area 51 S-4." _But the "Area 51 S-4" terminology did not emerge until more than 30 years after the manual allegedly was printed._


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