Date: Wed May 25 1994 18:27:24 Subj: +quot;Close Encounters+quot; Segment To: dateline@new

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Date: Wed May 25 1994 18:27:24 From: David Bloomberg of 1:2430/2112 Subj: "Close Encounters" Segment To: I applaud Dateline for pointing out many of the problems with Dr. John Mack's methods. However, I think it would have been worth spending more time with Dr. Baker and others who have looked critically at Mack's work. Even many believers in the UFO/alien phenomenon have been seriously questioning Mack's methods, his abandonment of the scientific method, and his reliance on hypnosis while simply brushing off the fact that memories can be implanted and subjects can be lead by their therapist. When faced with the lack of evidence, Mack merely claims that the phenomenon may "transcend science." When faced with questions about false memories, he states that it doesn't happen (much like the counselor in your "Spellbound?" segment of a week ago) without providing any proof. He has become a True Believer and may now be doing harm to his patients. By encouraging them to believe that they are being abducted and experimented upon by alien beings, it certainly does not help their psychological well-being. Indeed, many "abductees" are still afraid when they go to sleep every night. I have no doubt that Mack's patients honestly believe these things are happening to them, just as Holly Ramona honestly believes her father molested her for over 11 years. Ramona's therapists were found guilty of poor practices because they failed to challenge her "repressed memories," and Mack also needs to seriously review and correct his unscientific practices. David Bloomberg, Chairman Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land (REALL) P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708


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