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Date: Mon Mar 29 1993 00:20:02 From: Don Allen * Forwarded from "BAMA" * Originally by Jerry Woody * Originally dated 26 Mar 1993, 15:03 Odyssey News Wire-- *** Classification *** ÚÄ¿ ³ ³ Space/Astronomy/UFO/Astral Events ÃÄ´ ³ ³ Monsters/Strange Creatures ÃÄ´ ³û³ Unknown Happenings/Paranormal/Psychic Events ÀÄÙ * Odyssey Newsclippings may NOT be crossposted into non-Odyssey echos without permission of Odyssey Administration. ÚÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄ¿ ³o³ ³o³ ³o³Decatur Daily, March 5 1993 ³o³ ³o³ ³o³ ³o³DON'T BLAME UFOS, SATAN, EXPERT SAYS ³o³ ³o³predators culprits in livestock deaths ³o³ ³o³ ³o³ ³o³ Satanic worshippers, UFOs and butchers in helicopters ³o³ ³o³are not responsible for a series of recent livestock ³o³ ³o³deaths in Marshall and Morgan counties, a state ³o³ ³o³agriculture official says. ³o³ ³o³ Predators - coyotes, wild dogs and vultures - ³o³ ³o³probably are the culprits, said James Miller, farm- ³o³ ³o³related crime investigator with the Alabama Department ³o³ ³o³of Agriculture. ³o³ ³o³ James Gatlin, who found five dead goats Monday on his ³o³ ³o³20-acre farm near Oden Ridge in Southeast Morgan ³o³ ³o³County, said he would accept that explanation. "I'II ³o³ ³o³agree with any thing ya'll come up with." ³o³ ³o³ The only evidence of a possibie mutilation is in ³o³ ³o³connection with a bull in Marshall County, and that ³o³ ³o³could have been someone needing a "walking stick" ³o³ ³o³Miller said. ³o³ ³o³ Miller was in Morgan and Marshall counties Thursday ³o³ ³o³confeirring with investigators on what many people have ³o³ ³o³called the near surgical mutilation of cows, bulls ³o³ ³o³and goats. In many of the cases, eyes, tongues and ³o³ ³o³sexual organs had been removed from the carcasses and ³o³ ³o³there have been reports that the blood was drained. ³o³ ³o³ Explanations have ranged from satanists to low- ³o³ ³o³flying helicopters and UFOs. ³o³ ³o³ "With what I have seen personally, there have been no ³o³ ³o³mutilation cases to it," Miiler said. "I'm not saying ³o³ ³o³it doesn't' exist, I have seen a picture of one case ³o³ ³o³where there was, to some extent, some mutilation but no ³o³ ³o³malicious mutilation. These that I have seen myself ³o³ ³o³have been death from natural causes. Predators have ³o³ ³o³done what damage I've seen." ³o³ ³o³ Morgan County Sheriff Steve Crabbe said his ³o³ ³o³department will continue investigating, "Great con- ³o³ ³o³sideration is being given to the observations of Mr. ³o³ ³o³Miller and how they may impact this case. We're ³o³ ³o³keeping an open mind on it." ³o³ ³o³ Miller, who said he has eight years experience ³o³ ³o³investigating farm crimes and another 10 years in law ³o³ ³o³enforcement, said news reports have "blowed this out of ³o³ ³o³proportion." ³o³ ³o³ He said reports of more than 20 mysterious deaths of ³o³ ³o³farm animals conflict with his numbers. "Until the ³o³ ³o³goats came in I only had nine reported cases- Some ³o³ ³o³of the reports have not been verifiable, but hear ³o³ ³o³say. I have to go on facts only." ³o³ ³o³ "I have talked with some news n1edia in the past ... ³o³ ³o³and some television stations that have completely ³o³ ³o³ignored my statements and refused to put them on. ³o³ ³o³An old cow or animal dies for some reason and the ³o³ ³o³farmer comes to find it three or four days later and ³o³ ³o³buzzards or predators have eaten it up- that doesn't ³o³ ³o³make news. That's natural life." ³o³ ³o³ Miller said the "major portion" of the dead ³o³ ³o³livestock were not found for days and had decomposed ³o³ ³o³badly. ³o³ ³o³ "There is no evidence whatsoever, or the slightest ³o³ ³o³suggestion toward satanic activity," Miller- said. ³o³ ³o³"The helicopter reports and UFO sightings (offer) ³o³ ³o³no direct evidence to link them with any of the ³o³ ³o³animal deaths." ³o³ ³o³ Some landowners reported low flying helicopters ³o³ ³o³over their property at night and then finding dead ³o³ ³o³livestock. Some are patrolling their land at night ³o³ ³o³with guns. ³o³ ³o³ Miller said hysteria about helicopters may result ³o³ ³o³in someone getting hurt. "There is one helicopter ³o³ ³o³pilot (over in Gadsden) who flies his for business. He ³o³ ³o³looks at farm land and things ... He's scared to death ³o³ ³o³to come in this area." ³o³ ³o³ At Gatlin's farm, at least onc eyeball from each goat ³o³ ³o³had been removed. There was no blood, the sex organs ³o³ ³o³had been removed and on one a tongue was missing. ³o³ ³o³"From what I've seen, something had been chewing on it ³o³ ³o³and some intestines were strung out on the gournd." ³o³ ³o³ You would be surprised to see what a coyote or a ³o³ ³o³vulture can do," he said. "A vulture's beak is razor ³o³ ³o³sharp. When a cow or goat dies, their tongue and anus ³o³ ³o³will protrude from their body. That's soft tissue. ³o³ ³o³That's the first thing these predators will go for. ³o³ ³o³When the body gets cold, what is left will contract. ³o³ ³o³The tongue will go way down in the throat and if you ³o³ ³o³look you will say 'Well, it's been cut out.' But it's ³o³ ³o³just way down in there." ³o³ ³o³ But how does he explain the lack of blood? ³o³ ³o³ "In an animal, when rigor mortice sets in and ³o³ ³o³according to the weather conditions, the blood ³o³ ³o³will clot," Miller said. "When blood clots in an ³o³ ³o³animal, the serrum will absorb back into the body ³o³ ³o³tissue ... a coyote is going to lick what blood does ³o³ ³o³come out and they won't leave any there it will be ³o³ ³o³clean." ³o³ ³o³ But that flies in the face of what Albertville Police ³o³ ³o³Chief Tommy Cole said his experience has been with ³o³ ³o³coyotes. "I've Seen many animals --killed by predators, ³o³ ³o³and there's always blood around. I've been in the ³o³ ³o³livestock business 35 years." ³o³ ³o³ One of the mysterious animal deaths was that of a ³o³ ³o³bull steer owned by Cole. "I've had many, many dead cows ³o³ ³o³and bulls, but none like that he said. ³o³ ³o³ Miller agreed that the bull's death is the only case ³o³ ³o³he has seen that could be called mutilation, "There was ³o³ ³o³a bull steer found dead and its penis had been removed. ³o³ ³o³There are people who will take a bull's penis, dry ³o³ ³o³them and make a walking stick out of them." ³o³ ³o³ ³o³ ÀÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÙ


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