Some comments from Chris Rutkowski on the guardian (Carp) video shown on Fox 22-Feb-94 via

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Some comments from Chris Rutkowski on the guardian (Carp) video shown on Fox 22-Feb-94 via alt.paranet.ufo ------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Feb 1994 14:59:58 GMT From: Chris Rutkowski Subject: Re: UFO : encounters >>Just cuaght the last 40 min..The guardian video tape was about the clearest >>UFO video I have ever seen.. have not read anythign on it yet.. Have seen >>a few posts on here about Groom lake (last story of undrground bases) >>but havent read any yet.. who knows anythign abtou the Ottawa sightings. >>was that a one-time show.. or new series.. lets get this thread going! >>any info woudl be great!!!! >Maybe I'm completely blind, but I found myself sitting in my living room >for 15 minutes screaming "It's a freakin' helicopter!" every time they >showed the Guardian video. My God, you could see the tail and reflections >off the rotor. The fact that these supposed experts in UFO identification >did not even entertain the notion that it was of terrestrial origin says >a lot about their credibility. >Really, this show was a scream! Well, it *was* a scream, though for various other reasons. First of all, the Guardian video is only a recent incident in a long history of claims about the Ottawa area. I was one of the recipients of the original Guardian "crash documents" back in the late 1980's, and immediately recognized it as a silly fabrication. Since then, I received more "official" documents from "The White Brotherhood" and the Guardian, which claim that an "Inner Circle" of military/government officials know "the truth" about alien contact and crashes in the West Carleton region. The reality is that Clive Nadin, an Ottawa researcher, went to the alleged site of the crash, interviewed many witnesses and surveyed the area. There was *absolutely no evidence* of any crash or close encounters. While the docs are undoubtedly fakes, the forger (perpetrator) likely lives in the Ottawa area. Evidence for this is the detail with which he describes the activity around Carp. The *is* an underground military base in the area, and there appears to be some flight training going on, as evidenced by numerous sightings of helicopter and jet overflights. Since the Guardian's original documents are suspect, the later photos and video are painted with the same brush. I saw the video a few years ago, and was not particularly impressed. Seeing it again at a private viewing on Monday, it still looked interesting, but probably explainable. I have seen helicopters on the ground at night, and I don't think it was a helicopter. Another possible explanation is a hot-air balloon. In fact, a balloonist in the area has claimed in an article in the Ottawa Citizen that he regularly does night flights in the West Carleton with a strobe on his balloon and with fluorescent light sticks arranged in various designs. Indeed, hot air ballooning is popular in the region. However, another balloonist I spoke with says the rate of the strobe was wrong for the types they use. Yet another possibility is an obvious link with the rest of the video: it starts with a fire in a field. It's very possible that the object is a fire truck responding to a brush fire. Its structure is partly illuminated on the underside, where the hose connections need to be lighted. I've seen a fire response team in a field at night, and it looks very similar to what's on the video. ------------------------------------------ Chris Rutkowski - University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Canada


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