Date: 12-26-89 23:42 To: All Subj: MJ-12 Document - HOAX! EID:1072 0257fdf0 MSGID: 1:114/3

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Date: 12-26-89 23:42 From: Jim Speiser To: All Subj: MJ-12 Document - HOAX! EID:1072 0257fdf0 MSGID: 1:114/37 cd176de7 As Robert Sheaffer reported here earlier, one of the MJ-12 documents has finally been shown - CONCLUSIVELY - to have been hoaxed. Included with the package of documents received in photographic form by Jaime Shandera was a letter from Harry Truman to James Forrestal giving his formal approval to the MJ-12 project. The signature on that letter is an EXACT duplicate of one found on a real Truman document, reports Phil Klass in the latest Skeptical Inquirer. The MJ-12 signature is 3.6% larger than the legitimate one, which is exactly 3 times the enlargement factor of a standard Xerox machine (1.2%, in order to cover up the "framing" effect produced if a document isn't quite as large as the copying glass). Klass theorizes that it would take three Xeroxing procedures to transfer the real signature onto the bogus document. I have to hand it to Phil on this one...the evidence is plain. The Forrestal letter is a hoax. The distressing thing in all this is Stan Friedman's stubborn refusal to back off. Worse, apparently Friedman knew of the conclusions of the handwriting analysts, yet went right on with his lectures and speeches, giving no indication that anything was amiss. This does not reflect well on his other achievements or his overall credibility, which until now I had held in high regard. We are still left, however, with the questions of who and why, and with which noted Western government's blessing. Jim --- FD 1.99b


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