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SOURCE: UFO MAGAZINE Vol.11, No.4 (U.K.) TITLE: MJ-12 DOCUMENTS DEAD AND BURIED AUTHOR: DR ARMEN VICTORIAN The following excerpts from the above article are retyped here with the kind permission of Dr Victorian. Dr Armen Victorian (AV) contacted Ronald Geisler (RG) Executive Clerk to the President, who is from the Executive Office of the White House, with regards to the numbering of Executive Orders upon which MJ-12 claims are based. During the course of a telephone conversation, Mr Geisler said of the MJ-12 Executive Order number 092447 (TS/ EO): "NO, NO, NO THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT CORRECT. Ah... you know President's issue orders, and any order the President issues is called Executive Order. Because he is the Chief Executive under our constitution. But, the term `Executive Order' started numbering in Lincoln's administration... number one, two... Now we are up to 12814, which was issued last Septemeber. SO THAT NUMBER YOU GAVE ME IS IMPOSSIBLE. It probably... I got a suspicion back then the National Security Council here would number their different papers that they called DECISION MEMORANDA, that various Presidents make in the area of FOREIGN RELATIONS. And so, when a President comes in they start numbering these things, which there again it causes a lot of confusion. That might be what you have there." AV: "Well, you will be surprised. What I have is a Top Secret/Majic, Eyes Only. Copy One of One, Attachment `A', Special Classified Executive Order nunber 092447 (TS/EO), which means Top Secret Executive Order. I suspect this is a fake record." RG: "I don't know. You know, that is NOT AN EXECUTIVE ORDER. I KNOW THAT. I mean that is one of the things I do, Executive Orders. IT'S JUST NOT AN EXECUTIVE ORDER. I HAVE BEEN HERE SINCE 1964. I AM ONLY THE FIFTH PERSON TO HOLD THIS JOB SINCE 1857. These Executive Clerks stay here for usually anywhere between 40-50 years. We are the persons you never hear about in the newspapers. I run a very small career staff here. Now, this could be some kind of paper from the Eisenhower administration. If that is the case, then you have to call the Eisenhower Library. AV: "We have checked, it doesn't exist." RG: "Well, it doesn't exist here in the permanent files." AV: "Is it possible, again based on your long-standing experience that an Executive Order might have slipped through your hands or your colleagues in the position that you hold? To have been so sensitive that the President behind closed doors could issue such a thing without anybody knowing?" RG: "NO. Because Executive Oders once they are signed by the President are sent to the United States National Archives. Then, by law they are required to be printed in something called the Federal Registrar. This is a document put out daily by the Federal Government and National Archives. That includes documents from the Secretary of State, the Director of USI (US Intelligence - author) or the President of the Unites States. By law, we are required to place such documentation in the Federal Registrar. If it came out, it is a public document. And, I can tell you THIS IS NOT AN EXECUTIVE ORDER. NOTHING WOULD HAVE SLIPPED THROUGH OUR FINGERS. I GIVE PAPERS TO THE PRESIDENT, I TAKE THEM UP FROM THE PRESIDENT, and I get the press announcements done to make sure all are dated. I MAKE SURE I HAVE THE LAST EDIT RIGHTS OF THE STUFF GOING TO THE PRESIDENT. SO, NOTHING CAN SLIP THROUGH OUR FINGERS." Dr Victorian then thanked Mr Geisler for his assistance. In conclusion, Mr Geisler added: "Well, I am glad...then again... this number is so... it is just such a DUMB looking number. I've never seen a number like that." Closing his article, Dr Victorian said: "I am currently in touch with the National Security Council to conclude whether or not there has ever been a Decision Memorandum No.092447. "Even if this is possible, how could we account for the mistake made in the document title? The record clearly states - `Special Classified Executive Order." "In my opinion, it is quite obvious the MJ-12 document(s) was a deliberate hoax by those who played an active, but effective role to divert the UFO fields' attention; to create confusion and friction. The `UFO Community' must now question how active a role did William Moore and Jamie Shadera have in ...(A) the construction of this document? (B) Its promotion as a genuine document? (C) The damage and time wasted to determine its authenticity by fellow researchers such as Stanton T. Friedman?"


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