Date: Thu Jan 06 1994 22:19:00 To: All Subj: Billy Meier Busted... INFO.PARANET - The foll

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Date: Thu Jan 06 1994 22:19:00 From: Michael Corbin To: All Subj: Billy Meier Busted... INFO.PARANET ------------------------------- The following was taken from the latest Video Underground Catalog. For further information on this, contact them at Box 527, Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0527. UPDATE ON THE BILLY MEIER CASE Recently Underground Video began an in depth inquiry into the most publicized UFO case in history. Our investigation first began as a supportive effort to verify the known facts of the Meier case to present the truth of alien-human contact to skeptics. With the assistance of members from the Hollywood special effects team of the Ultra-Matrix Corporation we studied the Meier photographs and claims made by Meier's Talmud Jmmanuel, Genesis III Publishing, author Gary Kinder, and Guido Mooseburger of Meier's FIGU cult in Switzerland. After 6 months of intense inquiry, with the assistance of cinematographers, physicists, and computer analysts from Total Research, we found the claims of the representatives of the Meier case to be absolutely untrue. We discovered miniature models, and a variety of deceptive mthods used to create this hoax. Underground Video was one of the foremost defenders of the Meier material. We are disappointed to now learn the entire case is a hoax. Representations of any authenticity with regard to this case made by alleged scientific examination has proved to be totally unreliable and misleads the general publlic into believing a carefully fabricated lie. The persons who authenticated the Meier case are not credible scientists nor investigators. Any previous representations of authenticity of the Meier case in the Underground Video product catalog shoudl be ignored. Our findings will be presented to the Attorney General of the State of California to see if a consumer fraud case can be instituted against the Meier cult in Switzerland. Anyone who has previously purchased any part of the Beamship Trilogy may write Underground Video to be included in a Federal Class Action Suit. Underground Video will continue to make the Meier material available to investigators and the general public who feel the need to study the hoax and how it has been sold to the public for nearly 20 years. [END ARTICLE] Isn't it interesting how some people just don't come to the party until after several deep pockets have been thoroughly fleeced? ParaNet has maintained this stance for several years and could have saved them a lot of time and trouble if people had only listened in the first place. My only question is: How much more of this kind of crap is it going to take before we get down to the real research? Now that this is forthcoming, what does this do for good 'ol Wendelle Stevens and his latest venture in Mexico? I have smelled a very large rat for quite some time. Wasn't it Wendelle and Company who brought us Billy? Film at 11:00 :-) Mike


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