This file contains the; (1) My reason for releasing this information to the public, (2) My

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This file contains the; (1) My reason for releasing this information to the public, (2) My credentials, (3) The validity of the information (% from sources, % from my own knowledge, % from research), (4) The existance of one other person to whom I gave the information in 1972 in anticipation of one day needing to validate the information. (1) I have 2 reasons for releasing this information at this time. (A) When I first saw the information I was sure that the government would handle the situation and not allow the people to be abducted, injured, or just disappear. My belief in the government has proven false. Not only has it not been handled but the situation has deteriorated and the incidents have increased worldwide. What has happened is against the Constitution of the United States of America which I have sworn to uphold and protect. What is happening is against every law in every state. What is happening violates the human rights of every citizen of the world. It could happen to any member or members of my family or your family at any time. I am a loyal american and have never divulged any of my countrys secrets and except for this one I never will. I do not believe that revealing this secret is against the law as the secret itself violates every law that has ever been written. Senator Barry Goldwater was the Chairman of the Senate Commitee which aproved funds for the CIA and has stated publicly that he has no knowledge of any of this. That means and it is a fact that the Congress is ignorant of what is going on. In fact I believe that it is my duty to expose it as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. I only regret that I have waited so long. I waited because I believed so much in our system of government. THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS BETRAYED ALL OF US. (B) In my efforts to get the information out it became obvious that soon the government would discover what I am doing and my life would be in danger. I believe that my life is now in danger and the only way to protect myself is to go public with the information. I realize that the information is hard to swallow and that many people will not believe it. I also realize that I have exposed myself to ridicule. So be it. If I am prosecuted or harmed in any way you all will know that the information is correct. If I suddenly disappear you will all know that the information is correct. (2) I am the son of an Air Force officer and was reared on Air Force bases all over the world. My father was a pilot. As a child I repeatedly overheard pilots and airmen discuss strange stories involving UFO's, Foo Fighters, strange crashes of craft "not from here", and other subjects that were exciting to me at the time. I graduated from High School in Japan and shortly there-after joined the Air Force. I finished basic at Lackland Air Force Base and was assigned to the Strategic Air Command. I was an Aircraft and Missile Pneudraulic Technician. During my training instructors would regale us with tales of lonely nights spent on flight lines, alert pads, and missile silos. They told of strange alien craft that would come down and paralyse the men on station and then remove the warhead from the missile and disappear at fantastic speed. I met a sargeant who told me that he was part of a team that transported such a large crashed disk that it could only be moved at night on back roads and fences and poles had to be torn down and replaced as the convoy passed. I listened to all these stories and wondered what was going on but didn't really believe them. I was discharged from the Air Force in 1965. I was very adventurous at the time and joined the navy in December of 1965. I volunteered for submarines and was assigned to the USS Tiru (SS-416) at Pear Harbor, Hawaii. On a cruise to the Portland Seattle area, while on lookout a UFO the size of an Aircraft carrier rose up out of the water and disappeared into the clouds while we were on the surface and I was the Port lookout. It descended back down into the water and rose back up into the clouds again several times. It was witnessed by myself, The Starboard lookout, The Officer of the deck, The Captain, and the Chief Quartermaster who took pictures. We were told not to discuss it with anyone ever. Upon docking at Pearl upon our return a man in plain clothes came aboard and talked to each of us with only the Captain present. He identified himself as an Intelligence Officer (ONI) and asked me what I saw. I began to tell him and he yelled at me to stop and then he again asked me what I saw. I told him that I had not seen anything and he smiled at me and told me I was a very good sailor. He told me that was the right answer and dismissed me. I soon grew tired of the cramped quarters of a Submarine and de-volunteered. The rest of my history is as follows. My primary military occupation is Quartermaster (Navigation) My secondary NEC is 9545 (Internal Security) Uss Tombigbee (AOG-11) Pacific and Vietnam sea duty. Camp Carter, Vietnam Naval Security and Intelligence Danang Harbor Patrol (gather intelligence and secure the harbor) and Cua Viet (DMZ) river patrol duty (gather intelligence and secure the river) USS Charles Berry DE-1035 Pacific sea duty CINCPACFLT STAFF Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet Staff - OPSTAT reporting and Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Petty Officer of the Watch in the Command Center USS Oriskany CVA-35 Pacific sea duty. Honorable Discharge December 1975 Rank E-6 Since leaving the navy I have worked at several companies engaged in work for the government or the intelligence community. Some of this work involved training foreign military personnel. I have also obtained a college degree in photography. This is a field I have long been interested in. I am not now connected with the government or the intelligence community except for friends that I have made over the years. Most recently I have been involved in management of civilian training facilities. Admissions Representative Airco technical Institute Long Beach, California Admissions Representative Adelphi Business College Anaheim, California Executive Director Adelphi Business College Van Nuys, California Marketing Executive United Education & Software Encino, California Executive Director Pacific Coast Technical Institute Anaheim, California Executive Director Currently The institute where I am presently employed is known to 3 of you and I do not wish it to be disclosed as the release of this information could have adverse affects upon my employment. (3) Approximatly 50% of this information comes from documents that I saw with my own eyes and I personnaly know it to be true and absolutely accurate. I saw and read GRUDG/ BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13. I saw and read the MAJESTY document which contained the Aquarius information. I was present at a briefing where much more information was discussed and some of it has become cloudy over the years but has come back to me when I saw information on that subject. About 50% of the information comes from my sources who will remain un-named. About 60% of the information is backed up by research and information available to you all however the information is not generaly shared. It is out there in various places and on various boards. Due to the potential monetary value of the information I believe that it probably never will be shared. (4) In 1972 I related this information to one other person for self protection and so that the information could be verified at some latter date should the government not handle the situation. I gave him the information on the eve of my wedding. The last person to person contact I had with him was in 1974. The last contact of ANY kind was in 1976 or 1977 by phone. I have not seen him, written to him, phoned him, or had any contact with him at all since that time. I maintained this distance to prevent any accusation of collusion or hoax should it ever be neccessary to release the information. I also did it for his protection so that he would not be involved if the government should decide to harm me before the information could be released. I have him a copy of the information in the form of a copy of an original document. I retained the other copy but mine was destroyed in a storage fire. He can and will verify the information to the right person with the right code (which we agreed upon) to release it. 3 of you have his name, the last place he lived in 1976, and the code. I will not contact him until the information is verified. He can validate my intelligence background and the information. He can state all of this truthfully and because of our seperation over the years will be able to pass any lie detector test to prove this is not a hoax. I would also be able to pass the same test or any other test, sodium pentathol etc. I have also received a call from a man named Christopher who called from an area code in Maryland. By his conversation with me on the phone I know that he has also seen the MAJESTY information and the AQUARIUS document. I also know that he is a member of Compuserve. That is all I know about him. I left out a graphic on the reconstructed document that I posted in my MAJIC file and he questioned the ommission. It is a minor detail that I did not think important but he spotted it. The only way he could have known that the graphic was missing would be that he has seen it himself. The graphic was 2 lightning bolts which strike at the bottom of the finned rocket which is enclosed in the circle. Since I could not put graphics in the document I only included a short description. I tested my father once by relating that I had seen information while in the navy that the Government had recovered UFO's which had crashed. I did this to guage his reaction because I knew that at one time when I was very little he was the radar Officer at White Sands Proving Ground. He gave me a very knowing look and advised me not to talk about it. I have never discussed the matter with him since. COME FORWARD NOW IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION AT ALL WHICH WILL SUBSTANTIATE THIS INFORMATION. THIS MAY BE THE ONLY CHANCE TO EXPOSE THIS TERRIBLE SITUATION. IF I FAIL YOU ALL FAIL. Milton William Cooper (Bill)


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