Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 22:00:12 To: All Subj: Mack/ABDUCTION UFO - Review of Mack's book Fr

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Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 22:00:12 From: Sheldon Wernikoff To: All Subj: Mack/ABDUCTION UFO ------------------------------- Review of Mack's book From The Atlantic, May 1994 Dr. Mack is a professor of psychiatry at the Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. For the past several years he has conducted interviews, reinforced by recollections induced through hypnotism, with people who believe that they have been abducted by nonhuman creatures, subjected to experiments (usually sexual), and advised that humanity is destroying the earth through greedy exploitation of the environment and had better stop doing that. Dr. Mack has been unable to detect any signs of mental derangement in his interviewees, and because their reports have so much in common, he has come to his own surprise-to believe that what they say happened really did. This is hardly what one expects from the Harvard Medical School. The author provides little peripheral information about his abductees, but what there is reveals that most of them come from religious denominations with reputations-deserved or not-for sexual severity and emotional enthusiasm, and their ages range from twenty-two to fifty-five, which means that all of them grew up in the age of the UFO. Readers with even a superficial acquaintance with science fiction in any medium will experience spasms of deja vu in the descriptions of the abductees' adventures. It is also notable that concern for the environment was a preoccupation of Dr. Mack's before he undertook to investigate abductions, and that he is not entirely certain what influence he, as hypnotist, may have exercised on his subjects. Whatever one may think of his report as a whole, one can hardly quarrel with the author's claim that something happened to these people and that it would be well to discover, if possible, what that was. The book certainly offers the enticing possibility of debate unencumbered by fact.


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