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Original file name k2RPT. Transmitted as K2RPT.TXT and K2RPT.ZIP. THE K-2 REPORT: The Discovery of a Secret Alien Base In Northern California. Report Number 920627. May 27, 1992. The "Phoenix Project Reports" Are Published By ADVENT PUBLISHING COMPANY P.O. Box 3748 Carson City, NV 89702 Entire Contents Copyright (c) 1992 by The Phoenix Project Permission to quote is granted provided the Phoenix Project is acknowledged as the source and the Report Title and Date are included in any quotes. Reproduction of any Phoenix Project Report or Logo, in any form or by any means, is not permissible without written authorization from the publisher WHAT IS THE PHOENIX PROJECT? The Phoenix Project is a private, civilian, research organization formed in 1952 to investigate and correlate information concerning Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Extra-Terrestrial (ET) activities. It has no affiliation with the United States Government or any of its agencies. Because of the nature of its work the Phoenix Project does not seek publicity. Staff members are former military personnel who have all been associated with intelligence activities, and have knowledge of covert government operations concerning UFO's. Their knowledge of the specialized field of "intelligence correlation," provide unique insights into various subject matter. From time-to-time and in the public interest, the Phoenix Project will publish research reports regarding certain subjects. A list of reports is available from our publisher. All correspondene should be addressed to: The Phoenix Project C/O Advent Publishing Company P.O. Box 3748 Carson City, NV 89702 IMPORTANT NOTE The name "Phoenix" is used by many different publishers and organizations as a part of the name used in their various publications. To avoid any false association with or confusion that might be caused by a similar name, all publications of the "Phoenix Project" bear the Project's Logo (a registered trade-mark) and are published exclusively by Advent Publishing Company. The "Phoenix Project" is not affiliated with any other publication, publisher, organization or group. In particular, there is no affiliation with a publisher known as America West, of Carson City, Nevada, any of its publications, or the individuals known as George and Desiree Green, of Tehachapi, California. INTRODUCTION TO THE K-2 REPORT SPECIAL NOTE: June 27, 1992 The original "K-2 Special Report," dated July 28, 1989 and included in this document, was classified "confidential" for circulation within the Phoenix Project only. It was not released for public distribution. There are compelling reasons for making it public at this time, and to update this information. Note the following: 1) In the last decade, there has been a growing number of reports of hostile activity by alien beings, directed against humanity. 2) Various Departments and Agencies of the United States Government have increased their activity on two different levels. One: They have stepped-up the level of their covert dis- information campaign -- a campaign aimed at disrupting the civilian UFO movement. This is evidenced by an increasing quantity of dis-information supplied to individuals, organizations and the public. It is an onoing program to create wide-spread confusion throughout the UFO movement, to splinter organizations, and to discredit any investigators who get near the truth. Many researchers are spinning-their-wheels chasing down, deliberately planted, false leads. The tactics employed are aimed at diverting attention away from critical areas where the truth would be revealed. Trained operatives have infiltrated the UFO movment, poising as sincere and trusted investigators while others adopt the roles of professional skeptics and debunkers. By covering and controlling both sides-of-theence, they insure that the truth remains hidden. Two: This duplicity extends to their relations with the aliens. On one hand they continue the charade of working with and assisting the aliens -- to obtain the advanced alien technology, while they secretly develop operations and weapons systems to counter the threat the aliens represent. The aliens have indulged in the same duplicity. Saying one thing to the super-powers, to create an appetite for superior technology, while carrying out their own covert activities against humanity. They have created wellidden bases of their own. Bases that allow them to continue their covert operations without government interference or scrutiny. Bases unknown to the various world governments. It would be untrue to say that the U.S. Government doesn't suspect the existence of hidden alien bases. However, to date, they have had shown little success in locating them. It is not the intention or purpose of the Phoenix Project to judge the government's actions or the actions of those responsible and involved in the UFO coverup activity. Our efforts are not part of a vindictive crusade against the government. In our opinion, the public has a right to know the facts and information revealed by our investigations. If this proves to be an embarrassment to those responsible for concealing such information, they have only themselves to blame. Our efforts may help wiser heads in the gvernment and elsewhere, to realize that the aliens have hidden objectives of their own. Objectives they have not made known to the government and humanity. Wiser heads may also realize that Washington, Langley and Fort Meade do not have exclusive possession of that called "intelligence" or intelligence data. Perhaps they will finally recognize that "others" are able to obtain, correlate and evaluate important information on their own. A rational person might realize the value and importance of cooperation with, rather than antagonism against, others who possess valuable information. The objective of the Phoenix Project in making this report public is to accomplish the following: 1) To reveal to the U.S. Government, civilian UFO investigators and the public, the existence and location of a hidden alien base. It will also become known that the aliens have used, and are continuing to use, without their knowledge or consent, personnel of the U.S. Forest Service to help conceal the presence of this base. Details concerning this are included in the updated information supplement in the Exhibit Section of this report. 2) Revealing the location of this base will render it useless to the aliens. This will severely impact part of their covert activity against humanity. 3) To reveal one aspect of the alien threat to the public. HOW THE INVESTIGATION BEGAN AND THE ALIEN BASE WAS DISCOVERED The Phoenix Project investigation into this matter began in early June of 1989. Our Staff Member # 2, then, overheard a strange short-wave radio transmission that aroused his interest. Every night, for two weeks, he monitored this unique radio transmission. Then, using radio direction-finding equipment, he was able to locate the source of the transmission. By using triangulation techniques he found the signal was coming from an area some forty miles northeast of his location. On June 10, 1989, he recorded the strange radio transmission. The broadcast signal lasted nearly an hour. The recording was sent to the Project's Headquarters for further analysis. Our analysis of the recording caused the Project to launch a major investigation into this matter. As a side project, our Staff decided to "test" the current degree of government secrecy regarding UFO research. We created a test. THE TEST Our staff contacted Dr. Peter Sturrock at Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Sturrock enjoys a quiet reputation of being a "concerned" and reliable UFO Researcher. We requested that he conduct a further study and analysis of the recording. Dr. Sturrock was very interested and cooperative -- at first. However, very quickly, his attitude changed. Within a week, and acting very reserved and guarded, he phoned us stating he couldn't have anything further to do with this matter and that Stanford Research could not analyze the recording. No further explanation was offered. He suggested we take the recording to Dr. James Harder at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. We thanked Dr. Sturrock for his initial interest and expressed our regrets that he was unable to pursue the matter further. In the next day's mail, we received the recording and our analysis notes from Dr. Sturrock. A courier delivered the recording to NASA's Dr. Harder, in person, the following day. A week later we called to ask how the analysis was progressing. Dr. Harder was not available when we phoned, but his secretary could not recall having received any recording from us. Therefore, there was nothing to analyze and they were unable to assist us further. The tone of the conversation was abrupt and had the ring of an obvious dismissal. Fortunately, the "lost" recording was a copy and not the original. It was becoming very obvious that Dr. Sturrock and Stanford Research, and that Dr. Harder and NASA, were not going to reveal what their analysis of the recording revealed. Again, the official research community had failed our "test." It was time to move on. Meanwhile, the Project's Staff decided to investigate the location thought to be the source of the strange radio transmission. On June 15, 1989, a Phoenix Project Survey Team made a preliminary investigation to locate the site and origin of the mysterious radio transmission. The site was located and a preliminary investigation was completed. A second site survey and more detailed investigation was conducted on June 28, 1989. The results of this second survey prompted the need for an in-depth scientific survey and investigation of the site. On July 19, 1989, the third survey was launched. A well-equipped science and investigative team arrived at the K-2 Site for a three-day effort. For security reasons, at the time, the Phoenix Project assigned the code name "K-2" to the site area and the investigative effort. The results of all three site surveys and the results of the investigation, were compiled the following week. The following report reveals the details of that investigation. Date of original report: July 28 1989 Revised for updated information: June 22, 1992 K-2 -- A SPECIAL REPORT A SUMMARY OF FINDINGS GENERAL DESCRIPTION K-2 is the Phoenix Project code name for a specific geographical site in Northern California. It has been determined, by investigation, that this site is the location of a previously unknown and undiscovered extra-terrestrial (alien) installation and base of operations. To date, the U.S. Government and its various intelligence agencies has given no indication that they are aware of the existence of the K-2 Alien Base or its location. It is also unknown to the general public and to leading UFO researchers. This report is the first time its existence has been revealed. Alien spacecraft seen arriving and departing from this base, and the small, grey, alien creatures seen at this location, lead to the inescapable conclusion that this base was built by, and is operated by, an alien race from the star system Zeta Reticuli. This race, known in covert government and select public circles, and to UFO researchers, has been named the Greys. CONCEALMENT FEATURES The site of this secret alien base is within the Plumas National Forest. The base is well-concealed and hidden underground, inside a "land-mark" mountain -ilot Peak, in northern California. This site is located in Plumas County, on a remote and isolated stretch of county road between the towns of La Porte and Quincy. See Exhibit 1. The site is isolated and cut-off from general access, except from the air or the use of snowmobiles, or ski's, 6 months of the year because of heavy snow conditions. A well constructed and permanent "fire" lookout tower on top of Pilot Peak (K-2) was suddenly abandoned several years ago. Discussions with local U.S. Forest Rangers, indicate there are no intentions of ever manning or re-activating the fire lookout station. Budgetary problems were not a factor. The explanation given, was that the lookout was obsolete. Fire spotting, these days, according to the rangers, is better accomplished by patrolling aircraft. This explanation, (in 1989) seems suspect and insubstantial, at best. Evidence to support these claims are provided by the fact that other fire lookout stations, in nearby areas, are operational and manned throughout the peak summer fire season. Why is the K-2 fire lookout an exception? An outstanding "air approach corridor," provides incoming and outgoing alien spacecraft with exceptional concealment. The "air corridor" leading to and from this hidden base is, somehow, not covered by either military or civilian radar or air traffic control. This has been verified by examination of aeronautical charts of the area. Terrain features, also, provide excellent concealment from visual observation. See Exhibit 2. TERRAIN FEATURES OF THE SITE: The main area of the Alien base is a "U" shaped bowl cradled at the northern end and at the foot of Pilot Peak and its associated mountain ridges. The site is protected on three sides by 400 to 600 foot mountain ridges. Two, level terrain, landing zones 200 to 300 feet in diameter are present. Well concealed and expertly camouflaged entrances to the Alien base are located near each of the landing zones. See Exhibit 3. High mountains and deep valleys, leading to and from the open mouth of the "U" shaped site, provides a 20 mile approach and departure corridor that is secure from ground-based radar, civil or military. The deep valley and canyons also prevent visual observation of low-flying spacecraft. Visual observation from high-flying military or civilian jet traffic is not likely, as the site is not on or near an established air traffic route. See Exhibit 17. LANDING SITE EVIDENCE There are some physical indications present at both landing sites, Landing Zone 1 and 2 (indentations in the ground, large circular areas of flattened native grass, and small amounts of residual radio-active radiation). Most striking, however, is the fact that there is an unusual absence of animal or rodent presence. There are no animals; animal tracks, rodents, snakes, ground squirrels or chipmunks present in or around the landing sites. However, these creatures are present everywhere else in the area. Birds, also present elsewhere, seem to avoid flying over or through the landing areas. Insect life, particularly flying insects -- deer flies, common flies and mosquitoes, are present everywhere. Other researchers have established the fact that the lack of animal or rodent presence in UFO landing areas is significant. AREA NEAR CONCEALED BASE To the casual observer visiting the K-2 site, everything would appear quite normal. The area seems peaceful and serene. However, in the general area of the concealed Alien base, to an experienced observer, it suggests and entirely different picture. The area is too tranquil and perfect, both in appearance and in the general atmosphere of the place. The term "picture perfect" is appropriate. This setting is completely unrealistic and paradoxical when compared with other areas a mere half-mile away. SURVEY PARTY OBSERVATIONS On three occasions (in 1989) trained investigators of the Phoenix Project have visited and investigated the K-2 site. They have all experienced and observed unusual phenomena and conditions in the area. 1) An uncanny stillness (the absence of normal sounds) during the day. This was even more evident during the hours of darkness. No animal sounds. No owls hooting. No birds chirping. No cries from coyotes. The absence of these normal sounds in the area was unsettling. This phenomenon has been observed on every visit to this site. 2) All the investigators experienced independent and unprompted feelings of being observed by unseen watchers. This was particularly evident on the first visit to the site. Each member of the survey party, independently, and with no solicitation or prompting from each other, reported, afterwards, strong feelings of being watched and frequently they turned around to look behind them. However, no unseen watchers were discovered. This left a strong impression on the survey party. 3) On the first survey there were observations of unusual cloud behavior. Clouds that formed out of nowhere. Clouds that appeared and disappeared with sudden quickness. Thick, angry looking, grey clouds that billowed up in ominous manner, with a "boiling" and rolling end-over-end motion, that quickly enveloped the entire site area. Survey party members wondered if the atmosphere was, somehow, being controlled. All of this activity was confined to the K-2 site area. A half-mile away, in any direction, the sky was clear. 4) Observations on the first and second visits to the site, revealed that an earthen dike (erected to maintain a 6 foot water level in a large pond near the concealed secret base) had very recently, been deliberately breached over a ten foot width, dropping the pond's water level to a 6 inch depth. Shovel marks were evident in the breach area. The lack of erosion, on the sides of the breached area, indicated its recent nature. However, on the third visit this breach had been expertly repaired. There were heavy equipment tracks (a bulldozer's) in and around the dike. Earth, dug from a nearby hill, was used to repair the dike. Forest Rangers, who patrol the area several times each day, when questioned about this, were at a loss to explain the repairs. No one using heavy equipment had been observed in the area. According to the Rangers, the pond is not used for any known purpose -- yet it's there. Someone recently breached it to lower the water level. Then, someone, unknown and unobserved, repaired it. See Exhibit 15. Why the pond with no known purpose or function? Why breach it? Why repair it? Why wasn't the use of heavy equipment or the repairs, noticed by the patrolling Rangers? It should be stated that the Rangers are very observant and notice everything going on in their area, as our questions revealed. Why is K-2, this Alien base, seemingly, exempt? 5) The county road between the towns of La Porte and Quincy is a rough, poorly maintained, dirt road for some 30 miles. Rough dirt roads are prevalent throughout the area for miles in all directions. There are no towns, settlements, fishing areas, camp grounds, or anything else of significance, anywhere in the area near Pilot Peak (K-2). This site is out in the middle of nowhere. Yet -- the county road for 2-1/2 miles either side of the entrance to the K-2 site, is a modern, well maintained, black- topped, 2 lane highway. Before and after this 5 mile stretch of modern road, it is again a dirt road. Why? No one questioned by our investigators had any explanation. And, more curiously, no one seemed the least bit curious about it. Why? Refer to Exhibits 1 and 3. 6) There is a rough, hard-packed, dirt road leading to K-2 from the town of La Porte. It is a narrow 2 lane road. It is not frequently traveled. On the third visit to the K-2 site, extraordinary logging activity, by "two" major logging companies, were evident. Only the trees within 20 feet on either side of this dirt road are being cut and hauled to sawmills. When questioned, the loggers were uncommunicative regarding this activity. However, there is every reason to believe, from the nature of this activity, that this road is going to be widened and improved. Possibly, even black-topped. One must remember that this road is an obscure county road that is infrequently used. It provides a secondary connection between the two towns of La Porte and Quincy, some thirty miles apart. Why the activity to widen and improve it? Why improve a road that is hardly used by the general public? It must be remembered that all these secondary county roads are totally impassible, because of heavy snow, for 6 months of the year. No efforts are made during the winter to keep them open and clear. In fact, just outside of La Porte there is a heavy metal gate that is used to block the road during the winter months. Why, then, all this activity? What purpose is being served? METHODS USED TO DETERMINE THE PRESENCE, LOCATION AND SIZE OF THE ALIEN BASE Since the only way to conceal a large installation is to bury it underground, or in the depths of an ocean, out of sight, only certain types of sophisticated scientific instruments can reveal the underground presence of such an installation. Foremost among these instruments, is that known as a portable "total field" magnetometer. This instrument is widely used by professional geologists to detect the presence of valuable underground mineral, oil, and water deposits. It is also used by sophisticated archaeologists to detect the remains of ancient buried cities, caverns and other valuable sites of past civilizations. A magnetometer is a precision instrument that measures minute changes or deviations in the Earth's magnetic field within a given area. All geological features: mountains, lava beds, rivers, streams and lakes, plains, meadows and plateaus, and even grains of sand, eventually, over thousands of years, align their molecular magnetic structure with the prevailing direction of the Earth's magnetic field. Earthquakes, volcanoes and geological up- thrusts, and their resultant forces, in creating all geological formations, cause deviations in an area's basic magnetic pattern. Underground geological features such as: upthrust dikes, sheer planes, faults, mineral deposits, caverns, caves, tombs, rivers and lakes, etc., and other anomalies, leave their characteristic and recognizable magnetic signatures. In a like manner, any underground excavations, tunneling or shafts, create a deviation from thenormal patterns prevalent in a given area. Such underground construction activity disturbs the local magnetic field in the area. This disturbance is caused by the material excavated or otherwise moved. The magnetometer can, by noting the strength of such deviations and disturbances, then determine the location, shape, size and depth of such buried features and anomalies. Sophisticated computer programs can then analyze the information reported by this instrument and create statistical data, charts, plots and maps, which portray the underground features of an area in amazing detail. The magnetometer, in a sense, is similar to having a form of powerful x-ray vision that is capable of looking deep within the earth. For three days starting on July 19, 1989, a portable total-field magnetometer was used by the Phoenix Project's scientific survey team to conduct a magnetic mapping of highly suspect areas of the K-2 site. The presence of our survey teams aroused intense curiosity on the part of the U.S. Forest Service and their Rangers. The first day, several different Rangers questioned us intensely. They asked us who we were, what we were doing, how long we would be in the area, where we came from, etc. We had prepared plausible answers to such questions in advance of being questioned. Our answers seemed to satisfy their initial curiosity. However, the second and third day of our presence on the site, brought the Rangers out in force. Hardly an hour would pass before a different Ranger or pair of Rangers would appear and start the questions all over again. They seemed determined to find out exactly who we were, why we were there, what we were doing, and why we were doing it, etc. Some of the Rangers stayed a while and became interested in the scientific equipment and its operation. To satisfy them, we let them assist us in taking some of the magnetometer readings. But, continuously, they tried to pump us for additional information. Each time we gave them the same answers and eventually they would leave. The on-going visits and questions eventually became a game that was amusing. However, we couldn't help but wonder what was driving their curiosity and why they continued the constant barrage of questions. See Exhibit 21. This magnetic survey revealed the resence of a large metallic or metal constructed chamber of enormous size, thought to be the main alien installation or base, and other metal-lined chambers. In addition, various metalined tunnels and fused natural rock passages and tunnels, connecting various areas of the installation, and providing means to enter and exit the base were detected. Subsequent computer analysis, of the data obtained, created a highly-detailed magnetic contour map of part of this installation (the bulk of the main installation lies under an area not surveyed on this occasion, but "linking" evidence indicates its direction and location) along with various tunnels, passages and entrances. Exhibits 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 include this scientific information. CONCLUSION (July 1989) It is the opinion of the members of the Phoenix Project's investigators and scientific survey teams, based on their personal on-site observations and in-depth study of the Pilot Peak (K-2) site, the facts revealed, interviews with USFS Rangers, and scientific analysis, that a hidden, underground, major operational base of alien beings has been discovered. This investigation and survey were conducted by highly-trained and credible individuals who uncovered -- incredible facts. A complete magnetic survey of adjacent areas, several acres in extent, would reveal the true dimensions of this installation and additional valuable details, and is to be recommended. However, the financial cost of such an extensive survey is beyond the resources available to this group of investigators. INFORMATION UPDATE Date: August 16, 1989 From: Staff # 1 Subject: Activity Reports concerning K-2 Comment from Staff # 1: Date: August 10, 1989, Time: 2215 PDT. At 2215 PDT, I received a phone call from Staff # 2 who was stationed forty miles southwest of K-2. In an excited manner, he described sighting a large glowing object that had, only minutes before, passed very near his observation point. He supplied a few details. Knowing, from experience that the Phoenix Project phones are being monitored by various government intelligence agencies, I cut the conversation short and requested that he investigate the K-2 Site the next day and send me the complete details by courier. I received the following information from Staff # 2 on August 14, 1989. * * * Report # 1: By Staff # 2: Date: August 10, 1989, Time: 2212 PDT. Location: Approximately 40 miles southwest of K-2. A brightly glowing object was observed from my location. It was approximately 30-40 feet in diameter, moving slowly from south to north at 500 feet above the tree-tops. When first sighted, the object was approaching from the South and slowing down. When opposite my observation point, it stopped in mid-air and hovered. The object was glowing with a bright white light, as it approached. When it stopped and hovered, the color changed to a bright blue light. It remained stopped for approximately 15 seconds, then it changed back to a bright white color, as it started moving slowly (10-15 mph) toward the North in the direction of K-2. Observations: The object lit up the area, quite well, when it was glowing with the white light. No sound was produced by the object. Normal animal and insect sounds, in my area, were silenced. A light breeze, present before the object appeared, disappeared. Everything became very still, as the object was approaching and while it was hovering. The Moon was still below the horizon. The sky was clear and dark, with stars clearly visible. A "scanner" radio, I was monitoring, picked up severe noise 30 seconds before, during, and while the object moved away from my location. I did not experience any electrical effects (tingling or prickly sensations) during the sighting. The sighting lasted approximately 45 seconds. There was not enough time to get a camera and take pictures. Within 10 minutes, after the object left the area, eight Air Force jet fighters (F-4s, judging from their sound and appearance) and moving very fast, went overhead traveling in the same direction the object had taken -owards the North. Four minutes later, the fighters returned, heading south. I presumed the object had been spotted by their radar. Their quick return would indicate they lost radar contact with the object. * * * Report # 3 By Staff # 2: Date: August 11, 1989, Time: 1500 PDT Location: K-2 Following the events of the night before, I made a quick trip to check out the K-2 area. Observation: There was a "burned" or scorched area on the ground, 30 feet in diameter, at the LZ-1 (landing zone 1) apparently, where an object had landed. In the rush to get there, I forgot to take my camera. No pictures were obtained. After further checking out the area, I left. I decided to return the next day with a camera to get pictures of the burn marks. * * * Report # 4 By Staff # 2: Date: August 12, 1989, Time: 1300 PDT Location: K-2 Observation: Another quick trip to K-2 -- this time with the camera. "This second trip -- brought a surprise. The burned round mark on the ground wasn't there (the one I had observed the day before. The 30 foot diameter burned area). It looks like "they" (the Greys) had removed everything that would show they had landed there. I did some digging, but there was nothing to show for it. They had replaced the ground (the burned area) with new soil, including the dead grass that covers the ground. They seem to know we are on to them, and are making it difficult for us to prove anything. From now on, the camera goes with me everywhere." See Exhibits 19 and 20. Memo Augut 12, 1989 From Staff # 1 To: Staff # 2 Our contacts in the Air Force verify that on the night of August 10, 1989, at the time indicated in Report # 1 of that date, that eight F-4's, scrambled from Beale AFB, CA. They had a brief radar-lock, on a "bogie" in the area described. However, they lost the target, due to ground clutter when it suddenly descended into the mountainous terrain. They returned to the base when a further sweep of the area proved fruitless. You're right, the AF had a blip on their radar, but lost it when the ship dropped into that 20-mile approach corridor between the valleys and the radar dead zone. * * * Comments by Staff # 1 Date: 8/15/89, Time: 1300 PDT The events taking place, as described in the preceding reports, indicate on-going activity at the K-2 site. This activity, adds weight to the conclusions and evidence gathered by our Survey Team. Those findings were included in the "K-2, Special Report" Dated 7/28/89. These recent events taking place at K-2 validate our initial findings. * * * Comments by Staff # 1 Date: 8/29/89 Observations of night-time activity at K-2, over the past month, indicate that alien crafts are making supply runs at two week intervals. All of our attempts, on site, to photograph or video tape their arrival, unloading and departures have failed. The aliens seem to detect our presence even though we have made every effort to remain concealed. On two occasions, from our concealed location, we have observed one of their craft making a landing approach. The craft suddenly veers off, about two miles from the base, and quickly leaves the area. For both practical and economic reasons we cannot continue this surveillance. In our opinion, we have validated the existence of the base and the alien activity associated with this site. * * * ADDENDUM: 6/23/92 ADDITIONAL CONCLUSION Previously, we mentioned the extreme curiosity exhibited by U.S. Forest Rangers, and their barrage of questions while we conducted the scientific survey of K-2 in July of 1989. The reason for their conduct and questions became known in August of 1989 and during the course of subsequent investigations at K-2. Refer to Exhibit 21. As a result of the public disclosure of the Alien Base revealed in this report, it will prove most interesting to observe what action is taken by any unit of the U.S. Government to deal with this situation. It is doubtful they will allow an Alien Base to operate right under their noses. This would be an excellent occasion for the public, in large numbers, to camp out at the K-2 site, use their home video cameras to record what activity occurs and whether they are ordered to leave the area. Also, without a doubt, it is not difficult to predict a scenario in which well-paid and learned government experts will proclaim that no alien base exists at K-2. In the interim, nobody would be surprised, would they (??), if the area was suddenly fenced off by a double perimeter chain-link fence and patrolled by security guards. The public may even be denied any access to the area. Now, what would that suggest to you? It's something of a Catch-22 situation for the government. Any action taken to suppress the alien base will be revealed and noticed by the public, and any inction, hoping people will forget it, allows the aliens to continue their operations. It's a bad situation for the aliens, as well. All the publicity and people hanging around the area will disrupt their activities. Somehow, the term "poetic justice" seems correct in this situation. Perhaps you'll agree. K-2 DATA EXHIBIT PACKAGE LIST OF EXHIBITS Exhibit 1: Quincy - La Porte Area Map. Exhibit 2: Aeronautical Chart of K-2 Area detailing Military Operation Areas (MOA's) Boundaries, Radar coverage and approach corridors. Exhibit 3: Expanded Topographic Map of K-2 Site. Exhibit 4: Text - Detailed Magnetometer Data of K-2, Section 3. Exhibit 5: K2Q3S3 (Quad 3, Section 3) Magnetic Field Stats indicating section line numbers, line stations and magnetometer readings. Exhibits 6 A,B,C,D: K2Q3S3 Top View. Detailed Magnetic Profile Charts of Section 3 survey lines. Exhibit 7: K2Q3S3 High-Resolution Magnetic Contour Map of Section 3, Quad 3, indicating major underground features. Exhibit 7A: Text - Describing the hidden underground parts of the Alien base, in the area surveyed, and revealed by the Magnetometer Data. Exhibit 8: Text - K2SCARP Magnetic Data (Section 3) Re-Survey of lines 30, 40, and 50, for expanded details of Item A, line 40. Exhibit 9: K2SCARP Top View, Magnetic Profile of Lines 30, 40 and 50. Exhibit 10: K2SCARP Magnetic Contour Map showing expanded features of Item A on Lines 30, 40, and 50. Exhibit 11: Photo - of a section of the modern blackop road fronting the entrance to the K-2 Site. Exhibit 12: Photo - K-2 Site entrance road and portion of Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1). Exhibit 13: Photo - LZ-1 and the Alien Base. Exhibit 14: Photo - South end of Alien Base and LZ-2. Exhibit 15: Photo - The mysterious Dike and Pond. Exhibit 16: Photo - The Rock Scarp detailed on Line 40 of the magnetometer data. Exhibit 17: Photo - Medium view of the overall K-2 Site, landing areas and the Alien base. Exhibit 18: Photo - Long View of K-2 showing the hidden approach corridors to the site. Exhibit 19: Photo - Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1). Exhibit 20: Photo - Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) showing landing marks. Exhibit 21: Text - Describing latest finding regarding K-2. All of the exhibits listed in this report are contained in the printed K-2 Report available from the publisher. All printed versions of the Phoenix Project Special Reports contain the exhibits referenced in the reports text. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Advent Publishing Company, P.O. Box 3748, Carson City, Nevada 89702, for a list of Phoenix Project Special Reports. SPECIAL NOTE: Very recently, the Phoenix Project conducted an undercover investigation of the U.S. Forest Service Headquarters at Quincy, California. That investigation has revealed startling new information. A Special "K-2 Supplemental Report," will be issued in the near future. It will reveal this new information and contain exhibits of the evidence obtained. END OF FILE PARANET FILENAME: K2RPT.REP


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