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To: All Message #: 2919 From: Michael Corbin Submitted: 24 Aug 92 00:43:00 Subject: Observations at Pilot Pea Status: Public Received: No Group: INFO.PARANET (1) RE: Observations at Pilot Peak Our special thanks to John Pickens, who conducted an independent investigation of the Phoenix Project's claims of an underground alien base in Northern California. As you will read, John's report clearly shows that the K2 report is definitely questionable. * Forwarded from John Pickens, 205/300 * Originally to Michael Corbin * Originally dated 23 Aug 92 21:46:55 * Original: TO ... Michael Corbin of 1:104/428 * ReDirected Using ReDirect Version 1.00 (C)1989 David Nugent REFLECTIONS ON THE K2 REPORT & OBSERVATIONS AT PILOT PEAK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having read the Phoenix Project's K2 report and having visited the Pilot Peak area I offer some of my impressions and observations. Animal Sounds: The K2 Report suggests there is curious lack of animal sounds and indicated there is an unnatural quiet in the area. Having spent 2 nights in the immediate area in question I can say there was nothing I observed, either by night or by day, to support this contention. The level of animal sounds was consistent with what I have heard in other forested areas. Animal Life: The K2 report makes much of the fact that there was an absence of animal life in the area (this additionally supported by the claim of lack of animal sounds). In particular the report comments on the apparent absence of squirrels, chipmunks, rodents, owls and birds flying over the area. On my first night at the Pilot Peak area I spent the night at a spot over looking the location of the "landing zones." I had an unobstructed view of the area. I was there while the Moon was still below the eastern horizon and I used a high-powered spotlight to illuminate the area. I saw no less than two (possibly three) deer - one of which was very close by, if not on, one of the "landing zones." Throughout the night, owls could be heard hooting. During the day birds could be seen flitting about the meadow that contained the "landing zones" and both squirrels and chipmunks were easily seen. At the very top of Pilot Peak there is a lookout station which I explored. There I found two exhausted boxes of D-Con rodent killer and rodent droppings in the first and second floors of the station - clearly evidence of rodents. Another variety of rodent - bats - were seen in no small numbers around the Pilot Peak area. I will comment on the K2 report itself concerning their claim of absence of animal life and animal sounds. I found it a curious contradiction that one of their observers (and I do not recall how they identified him/her, it was perhaps Contact #2, but it was the one who forgot their camera and had to come back the next day to make photographs) indicated that there was a sighting of a UFO and once it came into view all the animal noises ceased. I have to ask - if there was a curious and noteworthy lack of animal sounds how could they cease? Landing Zones: Having seen the purported "landing zones" personally, and in some cases having walked over them, I have to say there seems to be a more prosaic explanation. There was an abundance of deer tracks throughout the area. It is not unreasonable to assume these are places where deer have rested. I found it odd that in the midst of the flattened grass there was, in some instances, a variety of tall weed that was still standing, unbent, in the area of flattened grass. In addition, the "landing zones" exhibited none of the swirling patterns associated with UFO "nests" or the more recent crop circles. Very low strangeness index and certainly subject to more "Earthly" explanation than landed craft. I also found other, smaller, areas of flattened grass which looked exactly like the purported "landing zones" but which could clearly be discounted as such. There are two other factors which weigh heavily against these areas being "landing zones" which I will address next. Camping Area: Far from being the desolate area one might imagine from reading the K2 report there is a camping area immediately adjacent to the "landing zones." To the southwest, and just behind a moderately dense stand of trees, this camping area did not remain unoccupied during the time of my visit. On the first night there were three carloads of people camping and on the second night there was one family there. The area of the "landing zones" is easily seen from this camping area and access to the "landing zones" from the camping area is immediate. It is not the sort of area one would choose if one wanted any sort of privacy. In addition, the area of the "landing zones" is clearly seen from the road which passes nearby and the view from the road is unobstructed, save for two small trees, for over a quarter mile of travel. The Road: The report mentions a road which passes the K2 site. This is not the unused and long-forgotten road one would envision from reading the K2 report. Quite the contrary. During the day logging trucks, pick-up trucks, residents of the La Porte & Quincy areas and campers travel this road. While it will never resemble rush hour, I was somewhat surprised at the number of vehicles traveling that road as I thought we were well off the beaten track. At night the traffic is much less active. The first night there was no traffic from 9 PM until 4:15 AM the next morning. The second night there was traffic on and off throughout the night. Again, the meadow with the "landing zones" is clearly and unmistakably visible from the road. Forest Service: The K2 report alludes to the Forest Service personnel being mind-controlled minions of the Greys and says they were questioned about their reasons for being there. The report paints a picture of the Forest Service watching their every move and questioning their every action. I found quite the opposite to be the case. Not once did the Forest Service exhibit the slightest interest in what I was doing - even when I passed a Forest Service truck on the mine road (a dirt road that leads right to the base of the summit of Pilot Peak). The only reaction I received from the Forest Service was a smile and a wave as they drove past in their trucks. --- My observations cover a brief period of time - from the evening of Wednesday, August 19 to the morning of Friday, August 21. My comments and observations can be verified and confirmed by Mr. Ed Stuart who accompanied me to Pilot Peak. As Ed has asked, "If the facts we CAN verify are false then are the facts we CAN'T verify false?" To which I must reply, not necessarily, but they are certainly called into question. Other lines of inquiry come to mind. IS the corridor from the west to Pilot Peak actually RADAR blind as put forth by the Phoenix Project K2 report? I'm sure any ATC person from the area can answer that easily enough. I also think a discussion with Forest Service personnel is in order. Are they aware that some of their members are being presented as unwitting allies of the Greys? Did they have occasion to question the activities of a group of people investigating the Pilot Peak area? Has there ever been a female member of their team, and if so, who was she? And if so, what does she think of the seduction for information scenario as described by the K2 report? I think I'm ready to go ask some questions. --- FD 1.99c * Origin: ParaNet -- Leading UFO Research Network (1:104/428.0) =-=-=-=-=


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