Because of your interest in UFOs and ETs and crystal communicators related to them, I am c

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Because of your interest in UFOs and ETs and crystal communicators related to them, I am contacting you in this manner. Some people want UFOs to be noble which is the group that Cosette and I met up with. They have traded things with us and given us much insight into many things. Based on that evidence, we would like to think all UFO contac- ts would be positive and very beneficial. There is disturbing evidence that UFOs have a more sinister purpose in their actions. All crashed UFO ships have had stored human body parts as part of the cargo. Whether this was for FOOD or for on-going research experi- ments wasn't clear from crash site descriptions. The human and animal mutilations around the Earth have been missing these same type of body parts that were found in these crashed UFOs. In addition to the body parts missing, the body is drained of all of its blood. From UFObase workers and others, ET is using blood components as food. This accou- nts for characteristics of ET bodies that were autopsied from UFO crash sites. Some reports indicate that ET originally came from a collapsing galaxy that is going supernova. They have chosen EARTH as a new home. They have been interfering in human evolution for 1,000s of years to breed up a food supply and other conditions to support a massive inva- sion in the period 1991 to 1993. At worst, this could imply wholesale human harvesting for body parts for billions of ETs to survive on our Earth. Since that would quickly wipe out human supplies, ET also tried quick growing cloning or farming techniques. This was the purpose beh- ind abductee sexual encounters with ETs as well as building mutant sp- ecies for survival. ETs were also transplanted with the body parts ha- rvested from humans. Since ETs have a brain capacity 50% greater [1300 cc in humans as against 1800 cc in ETs], humans have been the target of mind expansion or altering experiments for a variety of social reasons. The average human only uses 10% or less of his 1300 cc brain capacity which leaves 90% available for ET to optimize for their usage and molding. ET has found that the human aura or magnetic field is many times greater than his. ET programs and uses this aura just like a physical brain. In hu- mans, this Aura channel is associated with psychic and occult phenome- na. When ET uses a WALKIN situation with humans, it is through this Aura connection. That WALKIN situation ranges from a high type as in Jesus teaming up with the Christ in the Bible to the low type as in Satanic murder- ers and serial murderers. Also in the middle range you have what might resemble multiple personalities where several ET types take one body. Any type of uncontrolled zombie like condition in humans [addictions of all types, emotional hysteria, etc.] is prey to ET meddling to get hormones and energy put into the Aura. With ETs brain development, he focuses on specific Aura activity just like a radar beacon or trans- ponder. The drug culture antics around the world today give you an idea of the potential for ET mischief in this one area. My reason for exploring the above ideas is to find parameters for understanding the UFO and ET mystery. Perhaps you disagree with my de- scription of these parameters. Hopefully, you can see the situation enough to use your own tools to cope with a confusing problem. In the face of the above, are there any effective defences? The only one that I can think of is EGO DEVELOPMENT to the point of SELF-MASTERY. This will so INTEGRATE body/mental/psychic/aura control under your direct- ion that no personal invasion is possible without your permission. There is some indication that this human Aura can propel itself in sp- ace under conscious direction using PSI functions as sensing devices to become an energy vortex. Under the concept of HARMONY, many Auras combine so perfectly in teamwork that new opportunities and abilities are created. I would be interested in any info/analysis answering these quest- ions: (1) What human cultural changes must happen to help ET communica- tions or negotiations? (2) What technological advances must happen to cope with ET envir- onments? (3) What methods will help human survival in spite of ET mutila- tions nd abductions? We have accumulated a few ET bodies since 1947. Summer issue of THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL on page 54 updated: 22 JULY 1947 ROSWELL NEW MEXICO 4 BODIES [1 ALIVE?] 13 JULY 1948 AZTEC NEW MEXICO 12 BODIES 7 JULY 1948 MEXICO So.of Laredo TX 1 BODY 1952 SPITZERBERGEN NORWAY 2 BODIES 14 AUG 1952 ELY NEVADA 16 BODIES 10 SEP 1952 ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO 3 BODIES 18 APR 1953 S.W. ARIZONA NO BODIES 20 MAY 1953 KINGMAN ARIZONA 1 BODY 19 JUN 1953 LAREDO TEXAS 4 BODIES 10 JUL 1953 JOHANNISBURG S.AFRICA 5 BODIES 13 OCT 1953 DUTTON MONTANA 4 BODIES 5 MAY 1955 BRIGHTON ENGLAND 4 BODIES 18 JUL 1957 CARLSBAD NEW MEXICO 4 BODIES 12 JUN 1962 HOLLOMAN AFB NEW MEXICO 2 BODIES 10 NOV 1964 Ft RILEY KANSAS 9 BODIES 27 OCT 1966 N.W. ARIZONA 1 BODY 1966 -> 1968 5 CRASHES KY/OH/IN [1 UFO INTACT REMOVED] 3 BODIES 18 JUL 1972 MORROCO SAHARA DESERT 3 BODIES 10 JUL 1973 N.W. ARIZONA 5 BODIES 12 MAY 1976 AUSTRALIAN DESERT 4 BODIES 22 JUN 1977 N.W. ARIZONA 5 BODIES 5 APR 1977 S.W. OHIO 11 BODIES 17 AUG 1977 TOBASCO MEXICO 2 BODIES MAY 1978 BOLIVIA NO BODIES 1985 ALASKA ? BODIES [1 LIVING] NOV 1988 AFGHANISTAN 7 BODIES MAY 1989 SOUTH AFRICA 2 ET LIVING JUN 1989 UFO and 2 ET TRANSPORTED IN 2 GALAXY AIR TRANSPORTS -> WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB from South AFRICA JUL 1989 SIBERIA 9 ET LIVING 26 DEC 1989 KENYA AFRICA 3 UFOs in a dogfight This should provide a wealth of autopsy evidence on ET body struc- ture and workings when accumulated in any one place. ETs coming from UFOs have strange properties: A report, THE UFO CRASH/RETRIEVAL SYNDROME (STATUS REPORT II: NEW SOURCES, NEW DATA) by Leonard H. Stringfield is published by MUTUAL UFO NETWORK INC., 103 Oldtowne Road, Sequin Texas 78155. It has a January 1980 copyright date. The report interviews several medical doctors who did autopsies on ET bodies from UFO crash sites. ET had large heads and were about 4 feet tall. They have small noses and mouths with no ears or hair. The ET photo that I have was taken by an ET and has an eye diameter of an inch. He has his left hand raised in a salute. That hand has 4 fingers. The photo was taken at a range of 3 feet from the waist up. Brain capacity is 1800 cc versus 1300 cc for the average human. The skin is gray or ashen and under the microscope appears meshlike. This meshlike appearaence gives it the reptilian texture of granular skinned lizards like iguana or chameleon. There was a colorless liquid in the body without red cells, no lymphocytes, no hemoglobin. There was no digestive system, intestinal, alimentary canal, or rectal area in the ET autopsy. In the 27 December 1988 issue of SUN newspaper with offices at 5401 NW Broken Sound Boulevard, Boca Raton Florida 33487, it describes some astronomical evidence of a UFO INVASION fleet. The article: A mysterious ray of light spotted acros the universe is actually an armada of UFO spaceships that is headed towards Earth. The huge cosmic beam ... a mass of light particles never before detected ... a fleet of alien spacecraft on its way here. The light beam has been detected coming from a star millions of miles from us, but its behavior is unl- ike any high energy particles we have seen ... . I have seen other ac- tivity like this just before rashes of [UFO] sightings. It takes some time to get here, but the light gets bigger and bigger ... . By then, the ships are traveling too fast to see, but in a metter of days there are dozens of UFO sightings and abductions reported. It has happened several times and it never fails when I see these beams of light. What makes this cosmic ray different is its size. It's much bigger than the others I've seen. ... we're in for a full fledged UFO invasion ... making their way to our planet ... millions! The above info taken with the following gives pretty interesting implications: According to an article in the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS of 20 February 1990, United States and Russia have agreed to create a combined STAR WARS armada to defend Earth if it's attacked by space aliens. The sec- ret pact calls for the combined effort of all U.S. and Soviet laser armed satellites, nuclear missiles, bomber forces, manned and umanned spacecraft - including Shuttles. Bush and Gorbachev signed the treaty started in 1987 by President Reagan. Since this is called a treaty, it should also trigger PRESIDENTIAL POWERS as if in a nuclear war.


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