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--------------------------- C U F O N --------------------------- Computer UFO Network Seattle Washington, USA (206) 776-0382 8 Data Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit 300/1200/2400 bps. SYSOP - Jim Klotz Information Director - Dale Goudie UFO Reporting and Information Service Voice Line - (206) 721-5035 P.O.Box 832, Mercer Island, WA 98040, USA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many people are surprised to learn that virtually 90% of all UFO reports can be and have been explained. The major argument seems to be over whether the remaining 10% is "noise" or "signal". Herewith, a list of things which have been the primary cause of UFO reports in the past. It's a list that any investigator should be aware of when studying a particular report. It was compiled by Donald Menzel, a noted debunker of the 50s and 60s, who characterized this list as "minimal and highly abbreviated". (From "UFOs: A Scientific Debate", Sagan and Page, eds. consisting of papers presented at a symposium sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Boston on Dec. 26-27, 1969, ISBN 0-393-00739-1) A. MATERIAL OBJECTS 1. Upper Atmosphere meteors satellite reentry rocket firings ionosphere experiments sky-hook balloons (discontinued) 2. Lower Atmosphere planes reflection of sun running lights landing lights weather balloons luminous nonluminous clusters clouds contrails blimps advertising illuminated bubbles sewage disposal soap bubbles military test craft military experiments magnesium flares birds migrating flocks individual luminous 3. Very Low Atmosphere paper and other debris kites leaves spider webs insects swarms moths luminous (electrical discharge) seeds milkweed, etc. feathers parachutes fireworks 4. On or Near Ground dust devils power lines transformers elevated streetlights insulators reflections from windows water tanks lightning rods TV antennas weathervanes automobile headlights lakes and ponds beacon lights lighthouses tumbleweeds icebergs domed roofs radar antennas radio astronomy antennas insect swarms fires oil refineries cigarettes tossed away B. IMMATERIAL OBJECTS 1. Upper Atmosphere auroral phenomena noctilucent clouds 2. Lower Atmosphere reflections of searchlights lightning streak chain sheet plasma phenomena ball lightning St. Elmo's Fire parhelia sundogs parselene moondogs reflections from fog and mist haloes pilot's halo ghost of the Brocken mirages superior inferior C. ASTRONOMICAL planets stars artificial satellites sun moon meteors comets D. PHYSIOLOGICAL after images sun moon reflections from bright sources electric lights street lights flashlights matches (smoker lighting pipe) autokinesis stars unsteady stars changing places falling leaf effect autostasis eye defects astigmatisms myopia failure to wear glasses reflection from glasses entoptic phenomena retinal defects vitreous humor E PSYCHOLOGICAL hallucination F COMBINATIONS AND SPECIAL EFFECTS G PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORDS development defects internal camera reflections H RADAR anomalous refraction scattering ghost images


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