Date: Thu Jun 17 1993 14:45:26 To: ALL Subj: Harvard UFO Attr: UFO - UFO identified as Har

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Date: Thu Jun 17 1993 14:45:26 From: SHEPPARD GORDON To: ALL Subj: Harvard UFO Attr: UFO ------------------------------- UFO identified as Harvard research project 06/14/93 THE FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM Spotted high over North Texas, the glimmering object brought one thought to many sky gazers: UFO. The truth proved far more worldly. "This is a high altitude research balloon that is gathering data for a Harvard University research project," explained Donna Dubberke, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The balloon was launched in the East Texas town of Palestine for a solar radiation experiment. "It's huge," she said. The helium-filled balloon, which floated to an altitude of 23.5 miles, is 600 feet in diameter and carried a 3-ton payload. Dubberke, who said a local TV station fielded "bazillions" of calls on the sighting, described the altogether identified flying object as, "kind of the shape of an onion. It was white and a little see-through in the middle." --- GOMail v1.2 [BETA] [92-0207] * Origin: Origin Line Not Defined In GOEDIT (1:278/714)


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