Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 22:51:06 To: All Subj: Guardian Case ASK_UFO - The much touted FOX U

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Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 22:51:06 From: Don Ecker To: All Subj: Guardian Case ASK_UFO ------------------------------- The much touted FOX UFO special, "Encounters" has now aired. Unfortunately for the viewing public, one of the poorest UFO cases in recent years was presented as fact: the Guardian case, or as it was known 4 years ago-the Carp case. UFO Magazine received this case in January of 1990, and we almost immediately determined it to be a hoax. This was stated on ParaNet at that time. Many of you were not here then, so you may not be aware of this. Bob Oschler and Bruce Maccabee have pushed this case, to the dismay of many in the UFO research arena. Richard Hall and especially the Fund for UFO Research have distanced themselves from this case. For a VERY GOOD REASON.... What the FOX broadcast did not show were the documents that accompanied the tape. There is an excellent reason for that also. That document follows this note. And remember----- UFO Magazine and ParaNet declared this a hoax -- in 1990. Don Ecker UFO Magazine


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