Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 19:37:58 To: All Subj: Fox show SKEPTIC - Sheesh. I can't believe th

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Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 19:37:58 From: David Bloomberg To: All Subj: Fox show SKEPTIC ------------------------------- Sheesh. I can't believe this show. How many debunked UFOs can they fit in one hour? And I'm not just talking about those debunked by horrible evil skeptics, but by UFO believers! Even Bill Knell, believer and cheerleader extraordinaire, doesn't believe the Long Island case (for his opinion on it, FReq UFOFAKE.KNL). Then there is that recurring Carp case. How many times can a single case be debunked and still come back to life?? I wonder how many times Oeschler has had to change his story. When he was on either Unsolved Mysteries or Sightings, he admitted that the "Canadian government documents" were obvious fakes, and it cast a shadow over the whole case. In this show, he TOTALLY avoided that point, and even used them to SUPPORT the case. If that is the kind of "honesty" he regularly exhibits, it's no wonder he is not well-liked in the UFO community. All in all, this show ranks right up there with a Sun Pictures production in terms of research quality (for those not familiar with Sun Pictures, that is NOT a compliment), and should never have even made it to TV. It looks like Don Ecker, of UFO Magazine, was quite correct in his prediction, made on ParaNet when discussing this show: Date: Thu Feb 10 1994 22:42:00 From: Don Ecker To: Subj: Fox Tv Special INFO.PARANET ------------------------------- A recent message read; > On Tuesday February 22, 1994 from 7pm to 8pm central time, FOX will air > > a brand-new special titled ENCOUNTERS: THE UFO CONSPIRACY. This in-depth > > <...> Actually, the Fox program was put together by the same people that did the cancelled "Sightings" program, the Berkley Group. Unfortunately the upcoming program is the same schlock that Sightings carried. 2 of the three cases are highly questionable at best. The cases? The Long Island "crash case" that has been touted by the Long Island UFO Network, the "Guardian" case that was identified several years ago here on ParaNet as hoax, and finally the Puerto Rican "sightings" that Jorge Martin, the best known investigator in PR, has refused to sign the releases for FOX. His reason? He called us at UFO Magazine complaining about how unprofessional the crew filming was, and the fear that they had trivialized his investigations. I do not hold any hope for the show. Don Ecker UFO Magazine


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