Date: Sat Dec 18 1993 12:13:00 To: All Subj: Fantasy Fetus ABDUCT - Fetus Fantasy by Paul

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Date: Sat Dec 18 1993 12:13:00 From: John Powell To: All Subj: Fantasy Fetus ABDUCT ------------------------------- Fetus Fantasy by Paul McCarthy, OMNI - Volume 16, Number 4, January 1994 During the course of a UFO abduction, Earthlings are allegedly kidnapped by aliens and put through various medical procedures. In the most bizarre of these, women are purportedly impregnated, only to have their hybrid fetuses disappear. But recent research by psychologist Michael Persinger of the Laurentian University in Ontario suggests that reports of alien impregnation are greatly exaggerated, if not completely false. According to Persinger, research reveals that false pregnancy is more common than previously thought. What's more, the women who experience it are more prone to fantasy than women in the population at large. These two statistics, he adds, could account for the "lost fetus" phenomenon, attributed by some to UFOs. To arrive at his theory, Persinger asked 106 college coeds if they had ever experienced missed periods, abdominal enlargement, morning sickness, and breast changes that they mistakenly attributed to pregnancy. Surprisingly, 22 percent said yes. These same women, Persinger found, also tended to hold more unusual beliefs in phenonena like poltergeists and UFOs and had higher levels of temporal-lobe brain activity, indicating a higher level of imagination. Finally, the 22 percent were more likely than controls to report memory blanks and night paralysis, symptoms common to abductees. Abduction researchers convinced that human-alien offspring are not fantasy but fact, of course, find it hard to accept Persinger's claims. But Persinger is convinced his explanation will hold. "There is a strong case," he says, "that we have discovered what is going on." (OMNI, ISSN 0149-8711, Copyright 1993 by Omni Publications International Ltd., 1965 Broadway, New York, NY 10023-5965. Published monthly with a subscription rate of $24/yr.)


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