Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 09:50:18 To: All Subj: Evil Aliens UFO - Mississippi UFO Victim Says

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Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 09:50:18 From: Sheppard Gordon To: All Subj: Evil Aliens UFO ------------------------------- Mississippi UFO Victim Says Beings Were Evil 10/14/93 THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL - Memphis JACKSON - A man who claims he was abducted by a UFO 20 years ago while fishing with a friend now says he believes the beings were recruited by Satan. Calvin Parker, 39, said the beings who took him and Charles Hickson from the bank of the Pascagoula River on Oct. 11, 1973, did not have supernatural powers and traveled in space ships, or perhaps time machines. "I think they are demons. I feel like it's evil. It could come from another world, but I think it's kind of interdimensional in this one," Parker, of Bay Springs, said Tuesday. Parker and Hickson claimed they were fishing by the Pascagoula River when they were plucked up by occupants of a flying saucer, subjected to a physical examination and freed in a dazed state. Hickson, 62, has said he is sure the creatures he encountered were robots, although he sensed a living presence on the ship. "We had definitely two different experiences," Parker said. The abduction story became a worldwide sensation after Hickson and Parker contacted the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Parker said he's started a company, UFO Investigations based in Mandeville, La., to study such phenomena and help other people who have gone through what he experienced. He also is writing a book, he said.


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