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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE TAMPA TRIBUNE, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 1990 ------------------------------------------- By DAVID TORTORANO of United Press International PENSACOLA - A model flying saucer that cast doubts on a man's claim he photographed UFOs two years ago has been tested and is being returned to the man who found it, a newspaper editor said Tuesday. Ken Fortengerry, managing editor of the Pensacola News Journal, said results of the tests would not be known for a couple of weeks. He declined to say what tests were performed. The discovery of the 9-inch model was the latest twist on a story that began in 1987, when contractor Ed Walters took photographs of objects that appeared to be flying saucers near his home in Gulf Breeze, a suburb of Pensacola. The photographs prompted a wave of sightings from other residents that continue to this day. Walters claimed he had dozens of additional encounters, including a face-to-face confrontation with a 4-foot alien. His book about the encounters is selling well. A private group that investigates UFO sightings calls the Gulf Breeze flurry among the most notable sightings in U.S. history. Skeptics have long claimed the pictures were faked, but offered no proof. Then came the model. It was found in April by a man who moved into a house once owned by Walters. The newspaper got possession of the model and on Sunday printed pictures by staff photographers using the model. They look similar to Walters' pictures. "This is a very critical piece of evidence and a very controversial story," said Fortenberry, who said the newspaper was besieged with calls Monday from the media asking about the model. The model was to be returned to the owners Tuesday. The man, who wished not to be identified, said he was installing an ice-maker in his home and had gone to the attic to trace some pipes when he found the model under some insulation. "It was not a shock or startling or anything," said the resident, a scientist. He knew of Walters' involvement in sightings and figured the model was one that Walters may have built for a reenactment. "I thought nothing more about it." Later, he saw a diagram of the Walters' UFO. "I recall thinking to myself, that model looks a lot like this diagram," he said. Last week he received a visit from a reporter from the newspaper. "This, frankly, I find a little suspicious," said the resident, who said the reporter showed up at the door and asked whether he had found any photographs or models. That's when he told him. "I wish I had lied," he said. Walters insists there was ample opportunity for someone to plant the model. "The house was on the market for 10 months, during which time it was opened during the day and sometimes closed up and locked up at


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