Date: Wed Dec 22 1993 23:31:00 To: All Subj: Hypnosis yields Aliens UFO - MAN'S DREAMS EVO

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Date: Wed Dec 22 1993 23:31:00 From: Sheppard Gordon To: All Subj: Hypnosis yields Aliens UFO ------------------------------- MAN'S DREAMS EVOKE STRANGE ENCOUNTERS 12/05/93 ORLANDO SENTINEL He jokes about the aliens now, but only with close friends. He has never been comfortable talking about his encounters and hasn't told the other members of the UFO Forum. Only recently did he tell his parents. "The experiences are true enough for me, although it could mean any number of things, including the fact I might be psychotic," he said. "But I'm convinced something is going on, and it's not in my head. I'm not a kook." He is almost 40 and has had nightmares about "demons" since he was 4 years old. Nervous and cautious, he speaks reluctantly about the dreams and the twice-annual visits from creatures he describes as having rough and wrinkled gray skin. Through regression therapy, he said, he learned that the "demons" are aliens ^^^^^^^ After he started comparing notes with his younger brother in the mid-1980s and learned they were having similar nightmares, he began wondering whether the dreams were something more. At the suggestion of a New Age group to which he belonged at the time, he underwent hypnosis. The therapist told him the demons in his dreams were aliens. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ "I struggled through that and wasn't comfortable," he said."I knew then that my brother had been taken as well. He's been suffering through this worse than I am." Support groups have helped him cope, he said. He is afraid, but only when "it's happening." He gets a premonition right before a visit and seldom is the premonition wrong, he said. Afterward, he cannot remember details of the visit, whether he was taken somewhere, or what was done to him. It is as if he has had another dream. "I have no control. They have the power to put you in a hypnotic state," he said. "But it's also like they're checking to see if I'm OK before they return me to a normal state." When he was a child, he began having frequent nightmares that "little devils were coming into my room." "I remember they were very short and that they were hurting my brother and I," he said. "They would poke us with a stick that really hurt. We also vividly remember seeing a green ball of light in our room." Sometimes the nightmares were so scary, he said, that he would sneak into his parents' bedroom for comfort and safety. There were other unusual circumstances. He remembers walking around the neighborhood where he grew up and being stopped by a man and woman who asked him many personal questions. "I couldn't see their faces because they were always in the (shadows)," he said. "What was weird, though, is that my parents have assured me they would never let me out of the house alone at night, especially when I was just four." Other dreams followed. "I had another one where a creature, who wasn't human but more like a praying mantis, was standing over me in my bed," he said. As he got older, the creatures in his dreams became more demonic, often causing him to think he might be possessed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "It freaked me out," he said, recalling an incident that occurred while he was bedridden with mononucleosis during high school. "I thought I had gotten out of bed to take some medicine when I saw a cone of light coming down from the ceiling," he said. "I couldn't move, but then I didn't try, either. I was standing there, looking down over my own body, when I saw a dark-robed figure standing in the corner sending me mental messages that I would be OK and shouldn't worry." HE CONCEDED THE VISION COULD HAVE BEEN A DREAM. But he saw the dark-robed figure several more times. Later, he had blackouts and couldn't get out of bed. Medical tests confirmed only that he was suffering from extreme stress. He also suffered from an unusual rash on his genital area, although he said he wasn't sexually active at the time. As he got older some of his dreams became more sexual in nature. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "I was always in a dimly lit, pink-colored room that didn't smell good," he said. "There was a woman whispering in my ear telling me to do things with her - only it wasn't a human figure but a humanoid. I didn't enjoy that - not that I enjoyed the other encounters - because my loud screaming woke me up." Then he had dreams he was delivering babies, and wondered whether the babies were real and he was their father. "I think this (alien encounters) is more widespread than we realize," he said. "I met a woman in a parapsychology class who told me her husband was about to leave her because she repeatedly had 'things' happen to her." Meanwhile, HE PLANS MORE REGRESSION THERAPY. "I'm still searching for an answer." ### (Emphasis mine.) --- WM v3.10/92-0356 * Origin: STARGATE BBS.718-519-8042 (1:278/714)


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