Crop Circles for fun and profit:=An experiment: Walk into your wheat field with a small br

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Crop Circles for fun and profit:================================An experiment: Walk into your wheat field with a small brickwith a hole in it and a twenty foot rope. Stand in the somewherein the middle and twirl the brick at the end of the rope overyour head and slowly work your way down. Invest an hour or so ofwork, choose a light brick or stone to lighten your burden.Better yet, start with a heavy one to hack and slash the firstlayers and then degrade to a lighter one for finer touches.Remember, only spin the weight in *one* direction. Then go to ahill and see if you did a good job. Work at it and improve yourtechnique. In time, try different stone weights and line typesto increase your effective radius of crop destruction. Heck, inno time you can do it in the dead of night... if anyone comes uponthe scene investigating the unearthly "wooshing" sounds, simplylet go of the line and the evidence immediately plummets out ofsight through the wheat. "Gosh, look here at this circle


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