Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 00:11:04 To: All Subj: Encounters...The Dud! INFO.PARANET - I was ve

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Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 00:11:04 From: Michael Corbin To: All Subj: Encounters...The Dud! INFO.PARANET ------------------------------- I was very disappointed in the FOX television network special, Encounters, this evening. It featured three of the biggest hoax cases to come along since Gulf Breeze. The beginning of the program featured some very credible UFO witnesses and researchers, including the latest brawl initiated by Senator Schiff of New Mexico. However, after dealing with these people and setting the tone for the rest of the program we are insulted with the Long Island UFO crash story hatched by John Ford of LIUFON. And of course, the entire circus entourage was present including Preston Nichols (YUK!). Photo expert Jim (I think) Dillatosa (sp?), authenticator of the Billy Meier barnburners, analysed a tape provided by an "alleged" intelligence agent showing a burning mass of aluminum foil being touted as the proof of a crash. However, the credibility of the park manager blew the whole crash story right out of the water when he sincerely and with great honesty stated that he would have known if anything like that had happened and it hadn't. Then they moved on to the "Guardian" mess, aka CARP crash. As many ParaNetters know, Don Ecker received the CARP material several years ago, uploaded it to ParaNet, and quickly determined that it was as smelly as a dead carp with no truth to it. Of course, Dillatosa appears again alongside Bob Oeschler (oh boy!) and they launched an intense investigation with the FOX people to Ottawa to find the "mysterious and elusive" Guardian. Can you imagine that the dope left his thumbprint on the video tape mailed to Oeschler? Sheesh! Of course, with the help of FOX's deep pockets and a private investigator in Ottwa and the help of mystery government agent "Sarah", Guardian was quickly found, harassed by the surveillance team and the camera crew catches him making a hasty exit through some yards and right out of the surveillance net. Gone! Oh well, at least they found him and know who he is now. The segment was closed with a rehash of the Jorge Martin/Puerto Rico/Underground Alien base case (MUFON's next Gulf Breeze-ish star). We were treated to a view of the lagoon where the saucers come and go, not to mention the wild stories of Jorge's followers. All in all, it was a very big waste of airwaves. Just when you think that something credible (Schiff's appearance on camera talking about the DOD's (or is it DUD) avoidance of his inquiry regarding the Roswell crash material), they have to trash the whole thing with a circus of performers known well to the research community as yarn spinners.


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