Date: Fri Apr 01 1994 01:46:38 To: All Subj: Cooper +quot;FAQ+quot; UFO - So many have won

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Date: Fri Apr 01 1994 01:46:38 From: Kurt Lochner To: All Subj: Cooper "FAQ" UFO ------------------------------- So many have wondered at Milton William Cooper and his recent past that I had to compile a short number of notes about him. In the few short years that Bill has been around the UFO convention circuit, he has met with much grief from the bleeding edge of technology, called "electronic message systems." This has come to mean a variety of computer based information services and the denizens of what we impetuously infer to as "the network." Bill literally started out on the wrong foot with Fido-Net and several other private networks, with claims of the "last" revision of his semi-published works. The works have reached compilation in a book _Behold A Pale Horse_ that Bill still hawks on his radio broadcasting venture. Of these writings, almost all went out in flames as Bill viciously "defended attacks" upon his published and not so published musings. To say that Bill's earnest efforts were merely "attacked" is an understatement! People came out of the woodwork (from lurking) to question a great deal, if not all by generalizations, of Mr. Cooper's work. His claims of government control of the human race have yet to abate as a result. If I were to describe the torturous path the way his opinions and details, represented as "factual information" that he would stand behind always, I would have to use 30 or posts to present a definative example of the meanderings of his "last revisions." To say that this guy has feet of clay might be appropriate. Immediately after his brief career as Audio Visual clerk in a briefing station overseas, in which he went AWOL ten days in a drunken binge, and subsequent discharge, Bill has represented on-air that he holds an Associates degree in photography. His interest in UFO's has apparently waned, possibly because of an incident where he was set up with a ficticious set of files known as the KR'LL files, to which the authors publicly confronted him with as fabricated and that he deliberately plagarized the information contained to his own ends. Bill toured the UFO lecture cicuit for a number of months afterwards as a guest speaker and picked up on the idea of using a computer bbs system to promote his ideology(s) among computer users. With the advent of CAJI, the Citizens Against Joint Intellegence (?), Cooper found an audience with conspiracy theorists in some pretty unlikely places. Lately we find Bill broadcasting via shortwave and satellite radio, and has for the last two years passed on various themes of impending doom, gloom, financial collapse of the government. Of the last few months in particular, Mr. Cooper has espoused the creation of lawful, civilian militias with lawful arms. Among his wares that he has sponsorship from, Bill advocates the overthrow of the United States government, not so much because of his "Indictment" statement papers of years ago, where he alledges that the aliens have a secret treaty with the world's governments. No, Bill now blames the country's economic ills on the various financial institutions involved. Of these and various ethnic groups are decried as being the villians and we being the victims, the persuasive arguements are made for the purchase of foodstuffs, gardening stock, arms and various precious metals as currancy in an anarchistic era ahead of the world's culture. This, as of tonight's reading, was due to the supposed revocation of the United States Constitution when the United Nations charter and treaties were embarked upon as legal instruments of world peace. Tonight's broadcast presented again, in detail, precisely why Bill Cooper is so popular. He presents topical questions that we see emerge in front of us about the state of the world and he feeds off of the attendent paranoia that modern life contains. We pilot always into an unknown future, Robert Heinlein wrote, and the fears of everyday life, though much numbed by conditioning of our culture, however intentional by pressure groups, news media and commercials that are shaping our lower behavior. What Cooper portrays as a conspiracy of world proportions, the ration mind can see as only a thin broth of half-investigated "truths" disguised by a compelling monologue of righteous indignations mixed with ranting speculations that sidetrack any effort from serious inquiries about the actual facts and their social background. Stir in anthems of military overtones and beat to a froth with patriotic themes and interviews with cultural "victim-ologies" as audio testimonials as factual affidavit-able facts and you have a radio show that appeals to many audiences, all of them not quite bent on getting at the truth what-so-ever. It's actually kind of ironic that the very audience that he sells his "agit-prop" to, his very own "flock" for his fleecing, is not counted publicly as the "sheeple" that he claims to be trying to awaken in our nation. His claims of socialism and anarchy are hallmarks of his fear-mongering mannerisms and surely his name will fade if we but ignore further mention of his agenda to fleece the "sheeple" and let his efforts sputter out on the nations computer and broadcasting networks. That about all I'll ever need to say about his intents, his actions, his past or his future. His claims will not withstand the tests of time and his brief popularity will fade...


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