A Message From Chris Originally posted to Gotlib's BAE: As an astronomer, I share the majo

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A Message From Chris Originally posted to Gotlib's BAE: As an astronomer, I share the majority view that intelligent life exists elsewhere in our galaxy (but not necessarily here on Earth!). I belive it possible that an advanced, technological civilization may have found ways of traversing interstellar distances without violating physical laws. However, after 20 years of research and investigation, I do not see any incontrovertible evidence of this. My opinion is that if UFOs are not physical phenomena, they definitely are sociological or psychological phenomena. In either case, they are worth scientific study, because they have permeated the minds and imagination of the populace. I first met modern-day contactees in the 1970's. In the late 1980's, abductees began seeking my help in understanding their experiences. I and my colleagues in UFOROM (Ufology Research of Manitoba) have been actively investigating a broad spectrum of reported experiences since 1975. Although many cases are intriquing and a small percentage are unexplained, they do not offer conclusive proof of extraterrestrial visitation. I am interested in bridging the chasm between "believers" and "debunkers" in an attempt to catalyse rational discourse on these topics. I know that, deliberately or otherwise, incorrect information has been propagated by individuals who have made "names" for themselves in these fields of study. Because of some training in deconstructionist educational theory, I am critical of published research and popular interpretations of the phenomena. My philosophy: "Don't always believe the believers, but also be skeptical of skeptics." My favourite quote as it relates to abduction experiences: "If you remember your experience, it is probably just a false memory; if you don't remember it, the memory was erased." Chris A. Rutkowski Box 1918 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 rutkows@cc.umanitoba.ca


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