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MUFONET-BBS NETWORK - MUTUAL UFO NETWORK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CIRCLE NEWS - WIRE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 =START= XMT: 12:32 Mon Sep 09 EXP: 12:00 Tue Sep 10 쿟WO MEN SAY THEY ARE BEHIND MYSTERIOUS "CORN CIRCLES" IN 쿍RITAIN NOT ALIENS 쿗ONDON (SEPT. 9) UPI - The baffling appearance of dozens of 쿬ircles and other shapes in British grain fields may have 쿫een solved Monday when two men said they, not 쿮xtraterrestial beings or freak meteorological forces, 쿬reated the patterns. 쿟he declaration of the hoax, itself still unsubstantiated, 쿴as brought forth yet another theory to be considered by 퀂cientists and enthusiasts who have been studying the 쿺ysterious phenomenon for more than a decade. 쿟he shapes, known locally as ''corn circles,'' have appeared 쿽vernight in fields, usually in southern England, without 쿪ny obvious sign of human handiwork. They have been 쿪ttributed variously to aliens, mating hedgehogs and 퀂wirling masses of electrically charged air. 쿏oug Bower and David Chorley told the newspaper Today that 퀃hey used two wooden boards, a rope and a primitive aligning 쿭evice attached to a baseball cap to lay out the huge 쿾atterns. They said they eluded detection by walking in 퀃ractor paths to enter and leave the fields. ''How on earth can intelligent people of that sort - 쿾rofessors etc. - just walk into a corn (wheat) field and 퀂ee some flattened corn and make all this out it over the 퀉ears?'' Bower told Independent Television News. ''We're as 쿪stounded as anyone else.'' 쿞ome scientists who have studied the mystery remain 퀂ceptical of the Bower and Chorley's claims. ''I'm waiting for some hard evidence. I want to see them do 퀇hat they claim they have done in front of me and television 쿬ameras for all the world to see '' said Patrick Delgado, a 퀁etired NASA radar expert who has spent a great deal of time 퀂tudying the phenomenon. 쿍ower and Chorley derided the complex theories that have 쿲rown up around the corn circles, which also have been 퀂potted in continental Europe and elsewhere. ''We used to laugh, we used to talk to each other when we're 쿭oing this, that all it is is flattened corn. If you walk 쿶n, you flatten it. The only difference was the shapes,'' 쿎horley said. 쿍ower added, ''We love the shapes because of their artistic 퀆alue. It's just become a big laugh as the years go by.'' 쿟he two men's hoax claim was made as 300 international 쿬ircle- watchers gathered in Glastonbury for the first 쿢nited Kingdom Cornconference. 쿌t the conference Sunday night, Delgado acknowledged that he 쿺ay have been fooled by a hoax. ''I was taken for a ride like many other people,'' the 퀁etired scientist said. ''But if it wasn't me who was 쿭uped, it would have been someone else later on. This was 쿽bviously a great joke, lasting years, but somewhere or 쿽ther it would have been exposed.'' 쿏elgado and the other conference delegates planned to 쿭iscuss the hoax claim and observe a demonstration of the 퀃wo men's technique. =END=


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