Date: Tue Apr 27 1993 23:33:04 P_SKEPTIC - Date: 27 Apr 93 18:54:03 GMT +gt;BTW, on a TOTA

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Date: Tue Apr 27 1993 23:33:04 From: Chris Rutkowski P_SKEPTIC ------------------------------- From: (Chris Rutkowski) Date: 27 Apr 93 18:54:03 GMT Organization: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.paranet.skeptic >BTW, on a TOTALLY different subject, I have a couple questions about Carp. >I have one of your issues here, and it's dated Jan. 1991 as far as I can tell. >In it, you mention that the Carp case is getting active again, and talk about >how you figured it to be baloney a while earlier. Yet some of the researchers >invovled (Oechsler comes to mind) say they didn't even GET the tape until after >that date. I'm trying to figure out if I'm confusing the date, they are >confusing the date, or there was more than one Carp incident. Thanks. There was only one Carp "crash" as far as we can tell. Information about it was indeed distributed to selected researchers in late 1990 and early 1991. Further information just kept coming, with more and more detail and getting wackier and wackier. I was one of the lucky few who got the original "official" docs, the map, the aerial photo, and, later, Polaroid pics and follow-up docs. Some Ontario investigators went to the site (in the middle of winter, no less) and travelled the area looking for evidence and witnesses. Nothing that could confirm the event could be located. Years later, others received the video and went back to the site. As seen on TV, a witness was located, but there is nothing to suggest that she saw what was in the video. Yes, she said on-camera that the video was of her UFO, but her testimony does differ, there is no time-frame or accurate location and there was ample opportunity for her to "identify" the videoed object with her sighting. The videotape only went to a handful of people, as I understand it. I wasn't one of them. But based on the previous documentation, despite how "good" the video looks, it's likely a hoax. I mean, the docs talk about the "white brotherhood" and the "evils" of Red China, for gosh sake! One of the last things I received was a paragraph ranting about various topics like the above. I took the envelope to the RCMP, whose "hate crime" division was interested. It turns out the envelope was mailed from the main post office on Parliament Hill, or thereabouts, in the central Ottawa/Hull region. In other words, "Gaurdian" mails his/her stuff in Ottawa. My guess: a UFO buff in the Ottawa area, or one who has travelled to the area several times (because he/she knows the Kanata military base and can get good maps of the area). Next. -- Chris Rutkowski - University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Canada --- ConfMail V4.00 * Origin: Paranet(sm) - The world's leading UFO Investigative News Network (1:30163/150)


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