Date: Sat Jun 26 1993 19:54:12 To: ALL UFO - Another Unsolved Mysteries UFO misidentified?

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Date: Sat Jun 26 1993 19:54:12 From: SHEPPARD GORDON To: ALL UFO ------------------------------- Another Unsolved Mysteries UFO misidentified? Up, up and away in a UFO? 02/05/93 The Ottawa Citizen --- Up, up and away in a UFO? --- In Adrian Brooks's opinion, reports of a UFO in the West Carleton area are full of hot air. Brooks says UFO experts who saw a videotape of an unidentified object landing near Almonte on Aug. 18, 1991 were probably hoodwinked by footage of a hot-air balloon much like his own. The dramatic video was the lead item on the American television program UNSOLVED MYSTERIES , shown Wednesday night on NBC. It was to air tonight on CJOH. Many area residents said they saw the UFO. The tape of the unidentified object became part of the program after it was sent anonymously to UFO investigator Bob Oechsler of Maryland. Included with it were documents alleging that the Department of National Defence was involved. There was also a crude map, which led Oechsler to the farm of William and Diane Labenek on Corkery Road. Diane Labenek, 38, told Unsolved Mysteries she spotted flames in a field near her home. "I saw a ship coming down close to the flames, she recounted. "Right on top of the ship, I saw a blue flash of light and another light was on the bottom very bright. Labenek said she watched the craft for about 10 minutes. Then all its lights went out. The video was examined by a number of experts who agreed it was too realistic to be a hoax. Program host Robert Stack described it as being "among the most convincing documentations of a UFO Oechsler has seen in his 12 years of research. But Brooks, of Blossom Drive in Ottawa, said he watched the program and was astounded when the video showed what he is sure was a balloon, rigged like his own, making a night landing. Brooks described his landing technique in last July's issue of Balloon Life . He places flashing strobe lights on the top and bottom of his balloon for night flights. He also hangs light sticks, which cast a bright green or yellow fluorescent light, in the basket to read instrument dials. Before landing, he fires a magnesium parachute flare to illuminate the ground below. Brooks does his night ballooning in the West Carleton area. He says his log book shows he made a night flight there on Aug. 18, 1991.


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