Date: Sun Aug 29 1993 13:16:00 Subj: Swarming Insect UFOs UFO - INSECT UFOS. (UNIDENTIFIED

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Date: Sun Aug 29 1993 13:16:00 From: Sheppard Gordon Subj: Swarming Insect UFOs UFO ------------------------------- INSECT UFOS. (UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS) 06/08/89 PR Newswire NEW YORK, June 8 -- Many UFO sightings have defied a satisfactory explanation. But one cause for at least some of those alien spacecraft can be traced to vast swarms of nocturnal, migrating insects. Dr. Phillip Callahan, a biophysicist, hit on this possibility after he placed insects in an electrical field and discovered that they emitted a visible light, technically called a corona discharge. "I'm firmly convinced that many of these weird night sightings where you see objects in the dark sky are merely swarms of nocturnal insects giving off a luminescent glow," says Callahan, a member of the Optical Society of America. Many insect species migrate after dusk, often riding the winds of a storm front. And, storm fronts have the electrical conditions to make the insects glow eerily in the night sky. Also, the shape of an insect swarm seems to fit the popular configuration of a UFO. "Most migrating insects fly in clumps. Those on the outer edge of the swarm fly back into the body of the saucer-shaped swarm, giving a hazy outline to the edge of the buzzing mass." According to Callahan, insect swarms emit blue, green, and yellow light, adding to the extraterrestrial aura of their flight. In one verification test, he checked the migration of spruce budworm moths in Utah against the incidence of UFO sightings. "There was a perfect match in place and time between UFO sightings and the migrations of spruce budworm moths," concludes Callahan. "I'm convinced that a lot of night sightings of UFO's are just lit-up insects riding storm fronts." --- WM v3.01/92-0356 * Origin: STARGATE BBS./FAX/ 1:278/714 NY 718-519-8042 (1:278/714.0)


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