Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 09:58:00 To: Taylor Holmes Subj: Re: Alien Intentions UFO - +gt;The

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Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 09:58:00 From: Michael Thomas To: Taylor Holmes Subj: Re: Alien Intentions UFO ------------------------------- >The grays "intention" is the preservation of their race. Their males are >sterile and they need us to continue. They are, indeed, incorporating >our genes into their gene pool to create a hybrid. They also have lost >their ability to feel emotions and need us to recreate their own >emotional self. One purpose of the "implants" is to collect >secretions from the human body when we feel emotions. I find this very hard to believe for several reasons. 1) The probability that species from different planets would be gentically compatible is almost zero. Consider, we share the vast majority of our DNA with other mammals and yet cannot interbreed. How much more difficult for creatures with which we share NO DNA. 2) If a race has the technology and molecular genetic knowledge to produce hybrids between such unrelated organisms as ourselves and the "greys". Then they would have no need for our DNA in the first place to correct sterility, produce hybrids. Because the hybrid technology automatically involves DNA replication, structural reorganization, cloning, etc that would allow for A DIRECT CORRECTION of any genetic problem in the race itself. This is logically inconsistent. 3) Given the level of technology abailable, AND assuming that they still wanted human samples for this purpose (however illogical that is) they would only need to take a few samples. DNA replication, a simple process compared with alien hybridization, woulkd alllow them to produce unlimited amounts of human DNA. 4) The idea that brain "secretions" associated with emotional states are being collected is also absurd. First, the chances that our brain chemistry would be applicable to theirs is again, almost nil. More importantly, again if they have the biological technology to create alioen hybrids, then surely they can chemically synthesize the organic molecules of these "secretions". After all we do this all the time ourselves. There are countless neurochemicals that we can synthesize. And how much cheaper than travelling to another star system, abducting someone, implanting probes to collect "secretions", and then retrieving the probes and traveling hoke. A simple chemical sythesis plant is easier, cheaper, and more logical. I don't know where you got these ideas, but it sounds like bad science fiction to me. Your source needs to rethink some basic pioints of biology and chemistry. IF the greys exist and are visiting us they surely have other reasons. --- GEcho 1.01+ * Origin: The FORUM BBS Ithaca, NY 607-272-1371 HST (1:260/701)


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