Date: Fri Mar 19 1993 15:13:48 To: David Bloomberg Subj: UFO Abductions UFO - On (17 Mar 9

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Date: Fri Mar 19 1993 15:13:48 From: Bruce Baugh To: David Bloomberg Subj: UFO Abductions UFO ------------------------------- On (17 Mar 93) David Bloomberg wrote to Brian Karem... DB> "ship" that allegedly abducted them and then brought it back. Some DB> people have claimed to have strange marks that they didn't have before, DB> but there hasn't been medical confirmation of this that I know of. This is a matter where I have some direct knowledge. No, I've never been abducted, to the best of my knowledge. I DO have complex immunological and neurological problems, which have included allergic reactions to common neurotransmitters and other not-very-fun problems. I too have woken up to find my body bearing strange burn-like marks, odd weals that look vaguely like the sort of script shown in pulp magazines, and so forth. I've even seen them appear over a period of seconds or minutes without any apparent trigger only to fade equally mysteriously. But...I've also had these circumstances reproduced in a properly equipped allergy-testing lab (those of Dr. Jonathan Wright in Kent, WA, and of Dr. Michael Rosenbaum in Marin, Ca, to be specific). I know them to be reactions to things that people don't normally react allergically to (and which don't usually provoke such reactions in those who DO react). I can pin down emotional changes, losses of short-term memory (how weird it is to pick up a book I _know_ I read and find it all strange--maybe even stranger to pick up a book I know I have no recollection of at all and find it familiar), and lots of other strange stuff to similar sources. Too often I see a dichotomy between "my UFO experience happened just as I said and means just what I say" and "your UFO experience is a fabrication or delusion". It could, for example, be something like my situation, only undiagnosed; it took my family five years to get things pinned down, and someone with less background in non-standard health approaches or less orneriness and willingess to keep at it could miss such understanding altogether. Evidence is evidence. But it doesn't have to mean what the presenter claims. --- PPoint 1.54 "Gamera is really neat, he is full of turtle meat..." * Origin: A clever origin line. (1:105/40.23)


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