West Seattle, Washington UFO Report March 5, 1988 PART II: Narrative of second witness, fe

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West Seattle, Washington UFO Report March 5, 1988 PART II: Narrative of second witness, female, age 33 Transcribed from notes by Dr. Donald Johnson, March 13, 1988 [The first three paragraphs are a narrative from a phone interview with this witness on Friday, March 11th:] While crossing the street with my boyfriend from a corner 24-hour convenience store we saw a huge, metallic spherical-shaped object surrounded by a bright blue light over the West Seattle golf course and Camp Long. The object was as wide as a football field is long. We heard a humming sound, and estimated it to be only 300 yards above the golf course. We were nearly knocked down by a car because we were standing there in the middle of the street kind of mesmerized by the sight of such a strange object so close to the ground. The driver of the car pulled over and stopped. We watched the object together for about 30-40 seconds. It moved very quickly right, then left--in sort of a zig-zag--and then it was gone. I'm in my thirties and I work as a transit operator for Metro [the regional bus system]. I've never seen anything like it despite driving buses late at night for many years. After the sighting we discussed the sighting with the other man and we decided not to report it. Later on I decided that we ought to report what we had seen to someone, and I looked up "UFO" in the white pages and found the number for the UFO Reporting Center and called it. I'm sorry now that the other witness drove away before we could get his name. We called to find out if anyone else had reported it and were surprised to hear that no one else had. [Narrative from March 13, 1988:] I was still in the store when he saw the object from the sidewalk. I don't know how long he'd seen it before he yelled at me. But when he got my attention he pointed over in the golf course direction. I saw it when it first started to move. When it moved up, it moved sort of away. I guess east. The more we talked about it the more we felt that we should call somebody. I called the UFO Reporting Center late on Monday morning. I wanted confirmation that "yes, we did see this strange object, because other people saw it, too". He went down to the golf course, I just went home. I have a two-and-a-half-year-old and he was asleep in the car and I didn't want to get too close. My parents are Jehovah's Witnesses and they have a religious interpretation for these things, they say that they are "spiritual manifestations" [Note: the notetaker missed some of what the parents' explanation was at this point, however, the gist of what she said was that she was skeptical of her parents' interpretation.]


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