Wright Patterson AFB : What's Going On There? - Captain Edward Ruppelt while head of the U

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Wright Patterson AFB : What's Going On There? --------------------------------------------- - Captain Edward Ruppelt while head of the U.S. Air Force's Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) "Project Bluebook", was stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. - Some believe Wright-Patterson to be a 24 hour Top Secret UFO monitoring and research station. - After the July 2, 1947 crash of a UFO at Roswell, New Mexico, the wreckage of the craft was loaded onto a B-29 and shipped directly to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. - Wright Field (as it was formerly known) was the headquarters for the Air Materiel Command (AMC). General Nathan Twining was the Commanding General of the AMC back in 1947. He is also implicated as being one of the original "MJ-12" members. - Gun camera film taken from F-86A Sabre jets in 1953-54 was later taken to Wright-Patterson AFB for evaluation. - Colonel John Burnett was the Air Attache to the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Pat in 1965 and met with a Captain Bruce Cathie, a New Zealand airline pilot who related to Burnett that he had discovered evidence for a "worldwide grid system used by UFOs". Burnett revealed to Cathie that intensive UFO research was going on there. In Cathie's second book he says the following..."The scientific laboratory there, set up for the purpose, was described as a complex of buildings covering a large area and staffed by many of the world's top scientists. Experimental work was carried out twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. - The crash of a 100ft in diameter saucer with 16 dead aliens aboard near Aztec, New Mexico in 1948, had its remains sent to Wright-Pat shortly thereafter. - In a book by Jean-Charles Fumoux in 1981 entitled "Preuves Scientifiques OVNI", the author relates how Leon B. Visse, an alleged expert on histons (elements connected with cellular genetic material) was invited in 1959 to a military compound at Wright-Patterson AFB, where he was asked to perform an experiment on the histonic weight of particular cells. Visse was later taken into a special room where he viewed two humanoid corpses. - Leonard Stringfield contacted a former Navy test pilot known as "P.J.", who related the story of him and several other Navy pilots coming across a saucer-shaped aircraft which was being guarded at Wright-Patterson AFB back in April/1962. He was puzzled by the seeming lack of security since the object was not located in the test facility of the AFB. - Tommy Blann, a researcher, interviewed a Colonel "X" who said, "In the earlier years they had taken some bodies to this base, but later it depended on where they were found. They had a hell of a time setting up procedures for this operation, as well as getting craft out of the area without it being observed. Usually this was done at nighttime." Colonel"X" also told Blann that he believed that in more recent years the bodies were flown outside the U.S. to a secret naval installation on an island in the Pacific. - Senator Barry Goldwater was denied access into a building at Wright Patterson AFB because it was classified above Top Secret. Goldwater did say that he understood that a plan was underway to release all or part of this material sometime in the future...although he didn't know what it was, he did say that he was aware of the rumours. * Note: The above was taken from Timothy Good's 1988 UFO Book entitled "Above Top Secret".


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