UFO's. Alien or Man Made By Al Pinto First, I would like to introduce myself. I am not an

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UFO's. Alien or Man Made By Al Pinto First, I would like to introduce myself. I am not an airplane pilot. I am not an astronaut, physicist, scientist, pscychologist, or any other so called "accepted" authority on UFO's. I am however an ex-Navy Petty Officer with a good amount of observation experience. I am also someone who is very interested in the phenomenon. I have researched this subject for quite a while now, because of what it might mean to us if the "truth" leaked out. Let me tell you that there is a lot more to UFO's than you may think. The governments of the world have been covering up everything that has to do with UFO's. Why? It may be they feel that the sheer thought of an "alien" culture infiltrating our world would cause mass hysteria. When I was a teenager living in North Bergen, NJ (a town across the Hudson River, directly across from NYC) hundreds of people saw what appeared to be a flying disk land in what was then called Hudson County Park ( now named Braddock Park after James J. Braddock, the boxer). It was said to blow out windows in a high rise named the "Stonehenge". The only thing ever heard about it was a small blurb in the local newspaper called the Dispatch. I became interested in the phenomenon ever since. The authorities must have had one hell of a time suppressing that sighting but, apparently were very succesful. Again I ask, why? Maybe these craft are some secret government project. There is a lot of evidence to this that dates back to WWII. There is a report by Marshall Yarrow, then then the Reuters special correspondant to Supreme H.Q. in liberated Paris. This article was published in the South Wales Argus on December 13, 1944. It stated, "The Germans have produced a 'secret' weapon in keeping with the Christmas season. The new device, which is appaently an air defense weapon, resembles the glass balls that adorn Christmas trees. T hey have been seen hanging in the air over German territory,sometimes singly, sometimes in clusters. They are colored silver and are appaently transparent." Another article regarding the German's secret craft was released by the Associated Press in the New York Herald Tribune dated January 2, 1945. It said: "Now, it seems, the Nazis have thrown something new into the night skiesover Germany. It is the weird, mysterious 'Foo Fighter' balls which race alongside the wings of Beaufighters flying intruder missions over Germany. Pilots have been encountering this eerie eapon for more than a month in their night flights. No one apparently knows what this sky weapon is. The balls of fire appear suddenly and accompany the planes for miles. They seem to be radio controlled from the ground, so official intelligence reports reveal..." I recently read a paper by Dr. Renato Vesco in which he claims that the "Foo Fighter" actually existed. It was originally called the "Feurball" and that it was first built at an aeronautical establishment in Weiner Neustatt, with the help of the Flugfunk Forschungsanstalt of Oberpfaffenhoffen (FFO). According to Vesco, the craft was a flat, circular flying machine, powered by a special turbojet engine, which was used by the Germans during the end of the war. Vesco also claims that the basic principles of the "Feurball" were later applied to a much larger craft called the "Kugelblitz" or Ball Lightning Fighter. This craft, which was rummored to be a revolutionary kind of supersonic aircraft- was sucesfully conducted over the underground complex of Kahla, in Thuringia, some time during February of 1945. By 1975, Luftfhardt International was stating that a WWII Flugkapitan Rudolph Schriever had died and found among his papers were the incomplete notes for a large flying saucer, a series of rough sketches of the machine, and several newspaper clippings of himself and his alleged flying saucer. Luftfahrt also pointed out that Schriever, up until his death, had been convinced that the UFO sightings since the end of the war were proof that his original id as had been taken further with succesful results. Again I wonder. Is there something more to this? Where did this technology go? In May of 1978, at Stand 111 in a scientific exhibition in the Hanover Messe Hall, some people were giving out a paper entitled the "Brisant". The paper contained two seemingly unrelated articles: 1. The scientific future of the Antartic. 2. Germany's WWII flying saucers The flying saucer spoke of the information I alredy had presented to you. The article also incl detailed drawing of a typical WWII flying disk, did not mention the designer's name, and claimed that the drawing was altered by the West German gov't to render it "safe" for publication. According to the article, at the end of the war, some of the patents for this craft disapeared into secret Russian, American, and British files. The remainder of the files and most likely, the most important ones, went with the "missing" German sci entists and S.S. men. By 1956, Captain Ed Ruppelt, then head of the U.S.A.F.'s Project Blue Book, wrote, "When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missles under development. The majority of these were in the most preliminary staes, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performances of the objects reported by UFO observers." The article also states that in 1938, Hitler, anxious for a foothold in the Antartic, sent an expediition commanded by Captain Alfred Richter to the coast due south of South Africa. Two seaplanes were launched from the deck of the carrier, Schwabenland, daily for three weeks. They had orders to fly back and forth across the territory which Norwegian explorers had named Queen Maud Land. The Germans had then made a far more thorough study of these region, finding vast areas that were free of ice. They renamed the area "Neuschwabenland" and claimed it as part of the Third Reich. German ships and U-boats continued to operate in the South Atlantic Ocean, particularly between South Africa and the Antartic, throughout WWII. Then, in March 1945, just before the end of the war, two German U-boats, U-530 and U-977, left from a port on the Baltic Sea. Alegedly, they took with them members of the flying saucer research teams, the last of the most vital saucer components, the notes and drawings for the saucer, and the designs for gigantic underground complexes and living accomodations based on the underground factories of Nordhausen in the Harz mountains. The U-boats allegedly unloaded all of this in Antartica. Then, two months after the war, they mysteriously surfaced off the coast of Argentina where the crews were handed over to the American authorities, who interrogated them at length and then flew them all back to the United States and questioned the Captains of both U-boats for almost a year. About a year after their capture, the United States launched the biggest operation ever known regarding the Antartic. The purpose was to "circumnavigate the 16,000 mile continent and map it thoroughly.." "Brisant" felt i odd that Operation Highjump, as it was called, under the command of Adm. Richard E. Byrd, included 13 ships, 2 seaplane tenders, an aircraft carrier, 6 two engine R4D transports, 6 Martin PBM flying boats, 6 helicopters and a staggering 4000 men. That expedition became somewhat of a mystery. It docked near the German claimed Neuschwabenland and split up into three separate task forces. Some reports claim that the mission was an enormous success. Other, mainly foreign, reports say that it was a complete disaster: that many of Byrd's men were lost on the first day, that at least four of his airplanes had disappeared, and that while the expedition had gone provisioned for 6 to 8 months, they had returned only after a few weeks. According to "Brisant" Admiral Byrd told a reporter that it was "necessary for the USA to take defensive actions aginst enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions" and that in case of a new war the USA would be "attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed." Admiral Byrd was then ordered to undergo a secret cross examination and the US withdrew from the Antartic for almost a decade. Yes, I have to ask again. Why are the governments of Earth covering up on this UFO phenomenon. It may be because they have no choice right now. They are up against a much more technologically advanced society that might very well be a product of the Nazi's and they can't do a thing about it right now. It then becomes more apparent why they do not want us to know. The masses would not only panic but would quite probably go berserk! There are still many people alive today who experienced the terror of Nazi Germany. Imagine how they would feel if they found out that not only is Naziism still alive but, they command power that no government can stop. There is still other information that I've come across which I am in the process of researching at this point. It regards the science of Cybornetics. I became interested in this because the Nazi's did many "exp riments" with humans. Many of these experiments are deemed to be highly unethical by the medical profession. So strange infact that results of these tests cannot be released or even used for a good purpose because of the way the tests were conducted. More on this some other time but it may be possible that these "little people" are cyborgs. Don't laugh. What I have read so far just might support this theory. There are a few problems with all of this. What about the sightings that took place before WWII? What about Lear's report that we are dealing with Aliens, Extraterrestrials from another world? Why bother with te Space Shuttle and rockets if the technology exists to build saucers? None of it truly makes sense. That is the problem. We have only questions and not enough answers but, somebody knows. Do you? Al Pinto


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