Interaction with the aliens can unfortunately or fortunately (depends on the experiences)

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Interaction with the aliens can unfortunately or fortunately (depends on the experiences) be a lifetime relationship. Many people are visited for the first time as very small children around the ages of 4-6 years old. Many children are never visited again or "chalk-up" the experience to a visit by Angels, or just forget it entirely. There are white "ghost-like" entitys which are either tied to the et's or of a totally different realm that make no "noise" so to speak and have been reported to have visible auras. There has also been "telepathic" communication with contactees. One common denominator of these telepathic communications have been "Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you." The visits are for the most part nocturnal. After a period of several years, the visitations seem to stop. There is usually a much abbreviated period of visitations again up until the age of seven, and then they seemingly cease altogether. Usually during the ages of early puberty, 12-14 years old, there is some sort of illness or accident. Directly after the illness or accident, there begins a keen interest in either astronomy, paranormal activity or UFO's. During this period, the now young (questioning) adult will begin to have vivid dreams containing "alien" landscapes, spaceships, planetary scenes, crystal cities (Shambala?), and other assorted dreams and inherent memories. These dreams and memories could be partly due to unwilling abduction, implants, and genetic programming via DNA. Also, many of these people experience OBE's (Out of body experiences). What is certain in this very uncertain subject is that nothing is a given. It is also obvious that people who believe they were visited as a small child and later as a young adults, believe it with the strongest convictions.


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