Feb. 7, 1989 In a manner like no other civilian field of endeavor with heavy geopolitical

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Feb. 7, 1989 In a manner like no other civilian field of endeavor with heavy geopolitical overtones, UFO research is a mine field of covert operations by agencies connected with the government and military powers. In the 40-plus years Americans have been aware of the phenomenon, "Big Brother's" hand has effectively stymied the free flow of dependable, factual information on UFOs and has managed to keep whatever evidence it has deeply hidden. Shielded by the worn-out canard of "national security," members of an "invisible government" maneuver undetected throughout the UFO community. In that sense, ufology reflects the wider use of secrecy measures which are usually inappropriate, often illegal and always antithetical to what most of us would consider an open, principled democracy. But the distinction of Ufology--which is already an offbeat underground of sorts--is its readymade cushion of myth and propaganda, backed by an atmosphere of debunkery and ridicule, which makes the so-called "cover-up" a more-or-less natural extension of prevailing cultural attitudes about the phenomena. Legitimate interest and research in UFO/alien _facts_ remain the purview of a hardy and courageous and very tiny minority. The lack of legitimizing efforts by mainstream science and media leaves ufology endlessly "out in the cold," where decent investigators find themselves in a sea polluted with manipulators, hoaxsters and charlatans, and no directional guide on how to detect the "agents among us." Since the days of NICAP's overwhelming infiltration by CIA elements, the discovery of Blue Book as little more than hype, and the official stonewalling that still greets any sincere questioning of government agencies by citizenry, the dangers of covert world have only increased. That danger is bolstered by the forth estate, when it comes to UFOs, not minimized or exposed: UFO is still a subject which few journalists can report on with a straight face and in a serious tone of voice. Without grounded facts, the UFO phenomenon in general inspires false hopes and a range of fanciful speculations, but little real reflection and fact gathering. Why? 1. The phenomenon itself operates on the principle of deception and secrecy. 2. Those who study the phenomenon tend to gravitate toward information that supports their pet theories and will shut out most anything else. 3. Ufology tends to be a petty "in-crowd" prone to fragmentation and dissent. 4. The covert forces ensure that ufology remains in a state of fragmentation and dissent. 5. The covert forces infiltrate the field, manipulate its members and exploit valuable research and case material to suit their own purposes. And finally, the covert forces overlay the UFO community with less- than-honorable counterintelligence "games" designed to fulfill several purposes at once, not the least of which appears to be the implementation of psychological warfare against vulnerable UFO researchers and witnesses. I believe that the Billy Meier case, the Gulf Breeze events, the "Lear material" and the entire MJ-12 imbroglio have to some degree or another been examples of covert action by factions in the intelligence community with an accent on counterintelligence. With MJ-12 in particular, the scent of "red herring" and expert manipulation and diversion is POWERFUL. I have very little to prove the above allegations. Let's just say my intuitive self refuses to let go of this semi-paranoid scenario. Paranoia is justified in today's world. One last note: the "covert forces" just may be BOTH alien and human! - Vicki Cooper, UFO Magazine


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