Excerpt from +quot;The Matrix+quot;: NEVADA US-ALIEN FACILITY BRIEF After several years of

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--------------------------------------------------------------------- Excerpt from "The Matrix": NEVADA US-ALIEN FACILITY BRIEF ------------------------------ After several years of painstaking research, we have unearthed tghe high possibility of EBE base areas in the Nevada area. Observations from many individuals, some of whom have been threatened by various parties, have led to the following conclusions: * Several facilities exist within a 100-mile radius of the Las Vegas area that are EBE operated or related. * Underground Tunnels exist between facilities and these tunnels have been constructed by or with the assistance of the EBEs. * Electromagnetic confinement zones have been set up at various locations, and one of these locations encompasses the Nevada Test Range Complex. * Further interior electromagnetic confinement zones have been constructed within the primary zones. * Bureau of Land Management (BLM) equipment doubles as confinement field projectors. * Underground facilities in the area have the following functions: * Testing and development of Defense Space Weaponry * Cloning of human replacement bodies that will be occupied by implanted consciousnesses. * Breeding laboratories for abducted human females. * Biological Material processing laboratories. * Confinement facilities for humans. * EBE-Govt Joint Facilities. * Facilities for Termination of Humans. * Facilities for Testing and Development of Gravitational Vehicles for USAF, NSA, and the Department of Commerce. * Transference Facilities for Human abductees. * Vortex areas serve as entry-exit points for various aerial vehicles. Vehicles as large as 200' diameter have been seen for a long time at the Jumbo Peak vortex area. Blue Diamond vortex area is also very active, and as of June 1988, disks have been seen during daylight hours. * The metropolitan Las Vegas area is filled with MIB related activity and various humanoids that are observing human activities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


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