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#: 37040 S5/Commentary 26-Feb-88 12:49:00 Sb: #UFO Poll Fm: Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: All Its time once again for my annual JFORUM UFO Poll. 1: Do you, as a journalism professional, feel that the subject of UFOs is one that should be taken seriously by the media? Or do you think it has already gotten too much press? 2: What seems to be the policy on UFO stories at your house? Does your editor avoid the "in-depth" UFO article, favoring instead the human interest angle ("See the Funny Guy who Wants to Build a UFO Landing Pad")? Do you avoid the subject entirely? Or do you go with whatever stories come across? 3: How do you view the current crop of UFO Abduction tales, such as "Communion" and "Intruders"? How about the Government Documents/Cover-up Angle (last year's MJ-12 debacle, for instance)? The latest sighting flaps, involving a large boomerang-shaped object over several areas of the country (Hudson Valley; Wytheville, VA; Pittsburgh; Texarkana)? 4: How can Ufologists upgrade their credibility with reporters? How can we increase the "palatability" of the subject, if at all? 5: What would it take to convince your house to run an in-depth, Watergate-style, "XYZ News has learned..." story on the UFO problem? What sort of solid leads would you require? I appreciate your consideration of these issues, and I promise not to bother you for another year. Jim Speiser * Reply: 37047 #: 37047 S5/Commentary 26-Feb-88 16:11:25 Sb: #37040-#UFO Poll Fm: David Cohen 76657,103 To: Jim Speiser 72135,424 (X) Jim: Without responding to your survey question by question, I think we do UFO stoi stories (that is) in batches, like when there are a large number of sightings or something that makes a new sighting something different from previous ones. I do feel that the credibility of UFO experts would be greater if just once we found one real, up close and personal and it could be shown that it wasn't an aberration. While not trying to sound like I'm off kilter, I believe deep down somewhere that out there are other beings wwith the intellect and abilities as we have. David * Reply: 37055 #: 37055 S5/Commentary 26-Feb-88 19:45:15 Sb: #37047-#UFO Poll Fm: Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: David Cohen 76657,103 (X) David: Thanks for you considered reply (and I recall your reply last year was also valuable). As to finding one up close and personal, that sure would be the end of the line, wouldn't it? The story would write itself, your job would be done, and so would mine, and we could all prepare for the fallout. But obviously it isn't that easy. My question is, does the fact that its not that easy preclude any possibility of it being true, or even worthy of investigation? Did Wood/Stein have the Watergate Tapes in their possession when they started following up on the burglary? My point is this: We DON'T have what you're looking for -- the ultimate UFO photo (unless this Pensacola case turns out to be genuine, which I doubt) complete with windows and waving aliens. We DO have some genuine evidence that rather strongly argues for our contention that SOMETHING quite bizarre is going on. At what point do you fellows say, "Wait a minute, it may not look like an alien spacecraft, but then again it doesn't look like anything of ours either"? "While not trying to sound off kilter"...now what force in our society made you feel obligated to preface with that disclaimer? Could that same, rather subliminal force be at work in the minds of journalists faced with the prospect of covering another UFO story? Jim * Reply: 37068 #: 37068 S5/Commentary 27-Feb-88 06:39:58 Sb: #37055-#UFO Poll Fm: David Cohen 76657,103 To: Jim Speiser 72135,424 (X) Jim: Sure I'm looking for the easy way out. But geneal acceptance of UFO phenonema will be harder than Watergate without something of substance. David * Reply: 37094 #: 37094 S5/Commentary 28-Feb-88 00:28:45 Sb: #37068-#UFO Poll Fm: Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: David Cohen 76657,103 (X) I hear ya, David, and I guess I can't really blame you, especially since you took the trouble to respond. I think the fact that you were the only one to reply in public is also symptomatic of the media's generally sneering attitude towards the subject. Jim * Reply: 37166 #: 37166 S5/Commentary 29-Feb-88 07:13:42 Sb: #37094-#UFO Poll Fm: David Cohen 76657,103 To: Jim Speiser 72135,424 (X) Jim: I think there's a burnout problem. Without something of substance, we've heard it all before, and its just rumor, speculation, or illusion. David * Reply: 37209 #: 37209 S5/Commentary 01-Mar-88 01:24:40 Sb: #37166-#UFO Poll Fm: Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: David Cohen 76657,103 (X) I understand completely, David, and I wouldn't expect journalists to keep covering the same tired wolf-cries for forty years. But I believe there are some things happening in the field right now which HAVEN'T happened before, and I'm not speaking of this abduction hysteria, either. Its these boomerang things. Right now, we are experiencing a wave of sightings in which people report LARGE, we're talking LARGE, V- or boomerang-shaped craft in the night skies. So what's different, besides the size and shape? Plenty. For one thing, where in the olden days you would have maybe two or three witnesses to a sighting, now there are dozens and sometimes hundreds at a time. For another, the witness demographics are trending away from the rubes and more towards the sophisticated professionals -- lawyers, teachers, accountants, electronics company vice-presidents, and yes, radio and newspaper reporters and editors. And, in the case of the Hudson Valley Object, we have definite, clear proof of its existence, in the form of a videotape. Now, before Dave Browde jumps all over me, I should tell you that the tape has recently been examined by JPL Director Lew Allen who confirms that it is a solid object and not a flight of planes, as was thought by some critics. (Allen's letter to this effect is on file here at ParaNet). Before I bore you further, please tell me, are we getting close to what you would call "substantive?" Jim * Reply: 37212 #: 37212 S5/Commentary 01-Mar-88 05:05:39 Sb: #37209-UFO Poll Fm: David Cohen 76657,103 To: Jim Speiser 72135,424 Jim: Its getting closer. But lets compare it to a family driving from Boston to Los Angeles. The car is now passing thru Hartford. Yes, you're closer, but you still have a long drive ahead. David Function: #: 391510 S0/Outbox File 2-Mar-88 13:10:00 Sb: UFO Poll Fm: JFORUM RE37212 To: David Cohen 76657,103 Hmmmm...OK, thank you. Do the rest of you agree with that assessment? S5


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