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scroll 1 Space/Astronomy SPA-1294 LOCATION: LAUGHLIN, NV CASE TYPE: CE II - EM - NL DATE: 31 AUGUST 1985 TIME: 22:30 HOURS CFN#: 0153 SOURCE: NAT'L UFO REPORTING CENTER One witness reports while driving his car on highway 95 near Laughlin that he sighted an object coming up off the ground and flying over the road going towards a house were it hovered for a while. The witness said the object then shined down a light on it then the light went out. The witness said it was the brightist light he had ever seen. He said the color of the light was bluish white. The witness said then the object flew over the road and shined down a light on a parked car and hovered there till the lights went out again. The witness was still in his car at this time. He said that the object then came over to his car and shined down two lights. He could not see the outline of the object but only the bright lights. The witness also said that the object was hovering 5 feet off the ground and the distance from the object to his car was about 20 feet away. He then lost sight of it. The witness said that the length of the object was about two cars long. He also said that the shape of the light looked like a shaft. The witness said that his car radio went off when the sighting took place. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 3 Last page !scroll 2 Space/Astronomy SPA-1298 LOCATION: MONTEAGLE, TN CASE TYPE: CE I DATE: 8 NOVEMBER 1985 TIME: 20:00 HOURS CFN#: 0155 SOURCE: NAT'L UFO REPORTING CENTER ------------------------------- A witness reported sighting 6 bright objects in the night sky. The witness said that there was one large and 5 small. He said that they were in a formation and one of the small objects left it. The witness said that the small object started to follow his car and did so for 70 miles. The witness first sighted the six objects in formation over interstate 24. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 3 Last page !scroll 3 Space/Astronomy SPA-1300 LOCATION: TUCSON, AZ CASE TYPE: CE I - RV DATE: 9 OCTOBER 1985 TIME: 24:15 HOURS CFN#: 0158 SOURCE: ARIZONA DAILY STAR, TUCSON ------------------------------- A local air-traffic controller and a police helicopter pilot reportedly tracked about 60 unidentified aircraft over Tucson Monday, but federal author- ities are not investigating. Tucson International Airport radar picked up the aircraft at 12:15 a.m. Monday. Radar monitored the objects for about 90 min. The radar picked them up southwest of the city, near Ryan Field, and lost them as they flew northeasterly through Redington Pass. The controller reported that 15 groups of four to six objects each were monitored on the radar. the UFOs were travelling at about 250 knots, or 288 mph. The tower called the police pilot on duty and said that they had some targets but no transponders. The transponders are radar transceivers that automatically identify individual air craft for air traffic controllers. If you don't turn your transponder on, all it shows up as (on radar) is a blip. The pilot tried to follow the objects and did see some lights,but was unable to catch up with them. The pilot was up about 4,000 feet and they were up at 7,000 feet. The Air Force said d-m jets stop flying by 10:30 pm and knew of no other military flights in the area at 12:15 AM Monday. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 5 Last page !scroll 5 Space/Astronomy SPA-1306 LOCATION: FT. DEVENS, MA CASE TYPE: CE I - NL DATE: 30 OCTOBER 1985 TIME: UNKNOWN CFN#: 0162 SOURCE: DISPATCH ------------------------------- Soldiers and civilians around Ft. Devens have been keeping an eye on the sky in the wake of several recent re- ports of UFO's sighted in the local area. Witnesses said the+ewnih6o=-ed like two glowing orange spheres. Eight different individuals have reported seeing these over the past ten days. According to the Boxboro, Mass. police log, the UFOs were first sighted by two police officers on Oct. 19. Said patrolman Stephen Trefry, along with his partner Robert Morrill: We saw two bright orange lights hovering over the tree tops. We watched them for about 10 seconds, then they disappeared. Morrill immediately radioed their sighting back to Boxboro police station. Suddenly they observed the objects again about 150 yards away. moving diagonally over the hillside, the UFO's lights glowed for another few sec- onds then disappeared. Marcie Robinson, a physical therapist at Emerson Hospital was driving her two daughters to school when they observed two round orange balls high over a pasture off Prescott Road. Normally skeptical about UFO's, Robinson admitted,"i'm not sure if there's a simple explanation for what we saw." ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 5 Last page !scroll 4 Space/Astronomy SPA-1304 LOCATION: FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT CASE TYPE: CE I - NL DATE: 17 OCTOBER 1985 TIME: 21:00 HOURS CFN#: 0160 SOURCE: TELEGRAM,BRIDGEPORT ------------------------------- A UFO was reported by a number of witnesses. Fairfield police officer Jim Gallagher said that the department was deluged with calls from anxious residents who had sighted the object. One witness, a school teacher, said "I saw these lights in a 'V' shape and moving slowly. I never saw anything like this before." He said it was no plane. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 5 Last page !scroll 6 Space/Astronomy SPA-1310 LOCATION: ROSEVILLE, CA. CASE TYPE: CE I - NL DATE: 3 JANUARY 1986 TIME: 20:20 HOURS CFN#: 0163 SOURCE: NAT'L UFO REPORTING CENTER ------------------------------- Three witnesses observed circular object aproximately 300 feet in diameter directly over them. The object then made a 90 degree turn, went into a fast speed and disappeared out of sight. Witnesses said while observing the object it made a rumbling sound and shook a house and a barn. Duration of the sighting was aprox- imately 20 seconds. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 3 Last page !scroll 7 Space/Astronomy SPA-1312 LOCATION: EDWARDS A.F.B., CA CASE TYPE: CE I - EM DATE: 19 JANUARY 1986 TIME: 07:00 HOURS CFN#: 0165 SOURCE: NAT`L UFO REPORTING CENTER ------------------------------- While driving south on Highway U.S. 395 near Edwards Air Rorce Base, two witnesses reported observing a stationary long rectangular shaped object. The witnesses said that the object was a bright silver in its color. The witnesses also said when they were near the object their radio had a lot of static on it. The witnesses said when they stopped the car the object had disappeared. Total duration of sighting: ten minutes. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 3 Last page !scroll 8 Space/Astronomy SPA-1315 LOCATION: GARY, IN CASE TYPE: CE I DATE: 27 MARCH 1986 TIME: 08:32 HOURS CFN#: 0186 DURATION: 12:MINUTES SOURCE: NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER ------------------------------- Two witnesses reported observing a large triangle or triangular-shaped object with colored lights on it. The witnesses said the object moved about at a high rate of speed and made a fast stop. The witnesses said the object was stationary for approximately 30 seconds. They also said the object was about 10 times larger then a airliner. The object made no sound at all witnesses said. The distance from them to the object was approximately 300 feet and the total time observed was 12 minutes. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 3 Last page !scroll 9 Space/Astronomy SPA-1318 LOCATION: ANCHORAGE, AK CASE TYPE: RV * DATE: 17 NOVEMBER 1986 TIME: 18:19 HOURS CFN#: 0325 DURATION: 20:MINUTES WITNESSES: THREE SOURCE: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL ------------------------------- ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A mysterious unidentified flying object with flashing white and yellow strobe lights followed a Japan Air Lines cargo jet across the Arctic Circle, the crew says. The three-man crew radioed air traffic controllers in Anchorage that a huge UFO was flying "in formation" with them and the Air Force briefly confirmed and object near the plane, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Paul Steucke. He said the FAA in Anchorage and Fairbanks did not pick up the object. The incident occurred Nov.17 but was not made public earlier. Flight 1628 had left Reykjavik, Iceland, flying over the North Pole to Tokyo with a stop in Anchorage. When it landed at Anchorage, FAA security manager Jim Derry interviewed the pilot, Co-pilot and flight engineer. When the report was made to the Air Route Traffic Control Center at 6:19 p.m., Steucke said controllers tried to find the object on radar but "were unable to comfirm a second target with our equipment." At 6:26 p.m. Steucke said the Air Force told the FAA it "saw a second target (object) 8 miles away (from the JAL jet) but they contacted us a mimute later and said they were no longer receiving any radar return (of a second object)." Steucke added, "At 6:32 the JAL pilot requested and received permission for a descent from 35,000 feet to 31,000." Air controllers asked if the lights were still there, and were told, "It is descending in formation." At 6:39 p.m.,20 minutes after the lights first reported, the JAL crew said it no longer saw the lights. At 6:45 p.m. Fairbanks controllers authrized a United Airlines northbound jet to make a 10 degree turn to better view the JAL plane and asked the United crew if it saw anything besides the Boeing 747. It did not. Nor did the JAL crew see the lights again. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 5 Last page !scroll 10 Space/Astronomy SPA-1324 LOCATION: HARRISBURG, PA CASE TYPE: CE I DATE: 1ST WEEK OCTOBER, 1985 TIME: 0515 HOURS CFN#: 0326 DURATION: UNKNOWN WITNESSES: TWO SOURCE: UFO INFORMATION SERVICE ------------------------------- Witness got up around 4:15 - 5:15 a.m. to go to restroom and saw an object over her home that covered five other homes as well. The object was huge, pure white and had no lights. The object was the shape of a saucer and rotating. Even though the object was bright (brighter than any object she had ever seen) it did not hurt her eyes to look at it. She had no fear and wanted to run out of her home and stand underneath the object but felt paralyzed. The object did return and her 12 year old son was able to see it. Since the incident she has had visions which she did not experience prior to the sighting of the object. ------------------------------- ParaNet Ratings (1-5): Strangeness: 5 Probability: 3 Last page !scroll 11


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